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36 was pretty cool

May 12, 2014

With the turn of the year I always think it’s fun to take a look at all the awesomeness that made up my one chance at being 36 years old.

I learned how to fight.
– There were a lot of firsts that came with me starting MMA training this year including: first time being punched in the face; first time being kicked in the head; first time getting kicked in the liver and having it spasm forcing me to involuntarily make heaving noises like I am about to puke. I think this training has been especially fun for me because it requires reflexes and reactions that can’t be predicted. I can’t turn my brain off at all, which I think I have a greater tendency to do with lots of other forms of exercise (ooops!).

The boy and I sparring on the day after Christmas.

The boy and I sparring on the day after Christmas.

I cracked a rib.
– So this wasn’t awesome (obviously) but now I can say I’ve checked that block. How on earth did it happen? Duh. See point above.

I went to a chiropractor.
– See two points above. I had grown up swearing I would never, EVER go to a chiropractor but when something gets knocked out of place (like a rib) then you just go. And they jam it back in again and again and again. Which leads to:

I taught the boy how to put a rib back in place.
– This was essential at surf camp after a couple wipe-outs where you get tossed around like you’re a rag doll in a washing machine. And also because it’s expensive to go to the chiropractor all the time.

So obviously, kind of gave it away that this year I also learned how to surf!!!
– This was a major highlight of the year. After a cold trip to Canada ice climbing in 2013 I decided I wanted to try something warmer for playtime. So we decided to give surfing a try. I loved it. So much so that I was ready to go back before we were even home the first time. So we went back. And had an even better time, even if I did break a tail fin off the board with my ASS. I hope to get back again this fall because I am making GREAT progress with starting to walk up the board. I love long board surfing and my goal is to walk to the nose some day. And surf in Nicaragua. People love to ask about sharks when you tell them you went surfing. One morning I was out with my instructor and he yelled “shark!” and you wouldn’t believe how fast I had all of my appendages up and balanced on that board. Turns out it was just a rooster fish, but I was glad to know I have a fast reaction time there, too. Plus, there are usually kids in the water and I figure the sharks will go for kids first before trying for the adults. Kind of like how they attack baby seals.

I also finally learned how to walk on my hands this year!

I also finally learned how to walk on my hands this year!

Things are quickly going south right about now...but eventually the ratio of wipeouts to rides starts to turn.

Things are quickly going south right about now…but eventually the ratio of wipeouts to rides starts to turn.

That's when it starts to get really fun.

That’s when it starts to get really fun.

I discovered Athleta.
– This is an accomplishment I am sure the boy wishes would have never happened. I discovered how perfect the Athleta knickers were to many of my sports because they don’t move and keep me nice and covered. Then I discovered how much I like wearing their swim suits to surf in, and skirts, sweat shirts, tank tops, … you get the picture. I am teased incessantly at home for the vast amount of Athleta I now wear in my everyday life but hey as they say, if the “ATHLETA” fits…

I even learned how to pole dance!
– Don’t knock it ’til you try it! I’d seen this class that didn’t look easy and we had a private one of our own with some girls from the gym and trust me, this was a ton of fun. And silly for someone like me – of course – but fun. I mean who doesn’t want to be able to hang upside down hands free on a pole?!?!

The only major downer to 36 was having to say goodbye to my sweet little Beatrice. She taught me a lot about loving unconditionally and even in passing has helped me to grow into a better person.

Beatrice how she mostly was, which is to say sleepy.

Beatrice how she mostly was, which is to say sleepy.

With so many new ‘firsts’ in 36 I wonder how can I top it with 37? But, with a move in a few weeks to another NEW place I’m sure we will have plenty. In fact, we’ve already got the SUP boards in the garage ready for the ‘first time we live on a lake’! Which also makes me realize we will be at least 40 years old before we move again. 40! Crazy how I feel nowhere near that number, as if I am still just 22 but not nearly as dumb as I was then. Seriously dumb.

Anyways, thanks so much to everyone for the birthday wishes (and especially my sister for the funny cat lady T-shirts!), it’s always fun to have a day where you get to feel special like that.

– If you want to train MMA and live in the Clarksville area you must go HERE: SSF Submission Academy.
– If you want to learn to surf you must go HERE: Witch’s Rock Surf Camp (anyone want to join me for some rainy season surf in September???)
– If you want to do CrossFit in Clarksville go HERE: CrossFit Clarksville!


Things I like & don’t like about Tennessee

August 1, 2013

Things I like about Tennessee:
– Dinner al fresco. The weather is just sooooooooooooo much better in Tennessee. The air literally FEELS better. It’s kind of crazy actually, but obviously way more conducive to eating outside especially since sand gnats do not exist here. I can tell you that I ate outside at our house in SAV a total of zero times because if it was actually comfortable enough (temperature-wise) to do so, that meant you’d look like you have chicken pox for the next three days thanks to those bastard gnats. We’ve already eaten outside on the patio I don’t know how many times outside since we finally got patio furniture. Oh and what a story that was, getting it into the Jetta to come home. I’ll spare the boy that one though. It’s also nice for snack time since it goes into shade right around 5 p.m., perfect for some drinks & Pirate’s Booty!

– My new bird feeder. We have a lot of cardinals in our yard and so we bought a bird feeder for our own entertainment. And it gets a lot of action from the cardinals and about three different other types of birds, in addition to some very talented gymnastic-y squirrels and the big, bully crows on occasion. I look forward to travelling through the house where I can look out the back windows and see what’s going on out there. It’s easy to see since our house is so private we don’t have any curtains in the kitchen or living room that face out back. Of course that means when I come home from CrossFit or MMA I strip in the kitchen to put my gross clothes right in the wash. TMI? Well hey, just don’t come sneaking into my backyard and you’ll be fine because the consequences will be all on you if you catch an eye-full of something you didn’t expect!

– Trying new things. There’s nothing like moving to force you to create new habits and routines. As I mentioned, the boy and I are spending some time learning MMA. It’s been pretty fun so far. It’s really hard for my brain to comprehend a lot of the moves, but if I work them slow and consistently I get them. Muscle memory! It definitely has me WAY far out of my comfort zone, and I am glad that at 36 I don’t feel like I am too old to try this out. The really nice thing is that at my MMA gym, which actually trains super-legit pro fighters, they are all really kind, helpful and advise me during training. They aren’t “too good” to talk to the newbie, especially considering I could probably be a mother to some of them and am as graceful as a hippopotamus. It goes to show that if you are enthusiastic and willing to learn, people will help you out no matter where you go. Now the trick will be not to hurt myself. I sort of pulled an ab/hip the other day and we’re only three weeks in!

Things I don’t like about Tennessee:
– My CrossFit gym has a rowing penalty. If you can’t run, you have to row. Well duh, right? However, here at CF Conversion you don’t just row the same run distance, it’s the run distance + 100 meters. I am so bitter about it because I literally CANNOT run (I would love to just to get off the freaking ERG!) and so when I sub a row for a run I’m not doing it RX anyways. So why then add more rowing to the workout? It really ticks me off when I could be doing something a lot more worthwhile like deadlifts, for example. Also that I am so, so, so sick of this PF and not being able to run that the row penalty makes me even more annoyed!

– Everyone wants to talk to me about my tattoos EVERYWHERE I go. But especially and always at Publix. I sometimes just try to check myself out (as in the self-check out lane!) so I don’t have to talk about them – again – but then the one person in charge of monitoring the self check-out will come over to talk about them. What was not at all unique or comment-worthy in Savannah is apparently fair game for anyone and everyone to ask about here in C-ville. It is E.X.H.A.U.S.T.I.N.G. The boy actually started shopping in long-sleeved shirts even though it’s July (well technically August today). Oh and some of the people work at Publix AND Lowe’s (across the street) so you get double-duty questions. Awesome kid. Tell me again about that back piece you are planning on getting.

– The price of liquor. It is outrageously more expensive here than in Georgia. Did you know that? It’s like Habersham liquor prices are less than Class 6 prices on post. And forget buying liquor at a store as a civilian, it’s such a massive markup. I’d have to drink Stoli vodka or something! Already the boy is thinking of who he can ask to bring him a case of bourbon when they come up to do assessments. Any takers?

Not related to Tennessee or SAV:
OK, so in unrelated news we are switching our phones from Verizon to Virgin Mobile because it will be $100 cheaper per MONTH! Yeah, look into that if you’re contract-free for sure. Anyways. I went from an old iPhone to a new Android Samsung Galaxy something-or-other so that’s a pretty big learning curve. It also means I have no-one’s contact information since I am a tech idiot. I also deleted all of my gmail the other day too. I didn’t even think that was possible, but it is, just FYI.

Anyways. The really annoying thing is how some text messages still go to my iPhone. My iPhone that I never use that I turn off and hide in the corner of my junk drawer. So if you text me and I don’t respond sorry. I don’t know how to make them come to my new phone. Some do, just on their own, but many don’t. So if anyone knows what the hell to do about that, please advise! The cool thing about my new phone is I can text with my voice, which is sure a hell of a lot easier than typing with 8 bazillion typos every time.

Oh, one more thing! So one day I get in the car and I’m like “holy hell, it stinks in here like I smell after MMA class if I was locked in a 115 degree car and rotting for three days” but I didn’t know what it was. Two days later the boy points out that there is standing water in the rubber mats on the passenger side of the car. Weird. I didn’t spill anything. We lift up the mat and the floor is SOAKED. I mean mushy-mush SOAKED. So now I know where the smell is coming from. I rig up a big fan to blow into the car all day. ALL DAY. Guess what? Mushy-mush wet still. So I bust out a new shop vac and suck out no less than two GALLONS of water. What the hell is going on?

Long story short: my car STINKS. It is like hockey gear and boxing gloves and cheesy balls (as in not the kind with dairy). I absolutely don’t know how to get the stink out. Not to mention how the water got in (although I suspect the boy hydroplaned through a puddle and got water up into a pan under the passenger side of the car (front & back mind you!)). The other morning when the boy pulled out of the driveway the Saturn lit up like a Christmas tree saying it was overheating. We put some coolant in it and he’s been driving the rank car while I test the Saturn out around town (I don’t want him to get stranded on the highway!). Usually I prefer my Jetta to the bare-bones 1999 long-ago paid off Saturn but I am more than happy to not be in that festering death bomb of a Jetta this week. So again, I ask for help from you random people that read my blog. How to get the stank out?

P.S. sorry for the lack of photos. I have some but they are all confusing to me with my new phone. My sister is going to come give me lessons and then I will have more attractive blog posts with pictures of my cats again, don’t worry!



July 22, 2013

Moving is certainly a funny thing.

And by funny I mean crazy, hectic, insane in so many different ways.

So to start with the actual PHYSICAL moving. We adventured out of SAV on Saturday morning. Friday evening brought TORRENTIAL downpours in downtown. It was a little bit crazy actually. I looked out the window because I heard an alarm buzzing and the street was totally under water. The cars were up to their doors in water! The alarm was from the federal building across the street probably because there was at least a foot of water inside. Apparently that’s just “normal” but I was thinking “holy crap the Jetta isn’t going to start tomorrow!” Luckily it did. And luckily the Saturn was still in the parking garage or that sucker would have been UNDER water on Oglethorpe. It was a bit eerie considering when we moved down to SAV all of middle Tennessee was under water from torrential rain. We barely made it as lots of the interstate was totally underwater too. Quite the coincidence, regardless.

photo (2)

Flooding in SAV. I thought for sure the Jetta was doomed upon seeing this! Every car that drove by would create a wave with ripples that would then slap up against the side of the buildings. Crazy!

Saturday morning we got the kittens into their cars and headed out. I had Baby Ooosh by myself (since he is THE WORST) and the boy had Dante and Beatrice together. Dante and Beatrice are total travel veterans. They’ve even flown to Hawaii and back, so once they realize it isn’t a trip to the vet they could care less. We put Beatrice in the car first then went back to get the boys. By the time we got back to the car (2 minutes later) she was already asleep.

Beatrice sleeps a lot. This was her sleeping and snoring very, very loudly on my desk today.

Beatrice sleeps a lot. This was her sleeping and snoring very, very loudly on my desk today.

Oooshey on the other hand cried NONSTOP for the nearly 8-hour journey. He spent the majority of the time on my lap – crying – but would go into the back seat occasionally to shriek like he was being skinned alive. That was especially awesome.

He’s such a peanut brain because he wants to look out the window, which is going by so fast that he almost gets car sick. He’s so dumb. We cruised through Atlanta without hitting any traffic and made it to Chattanooga before I decided my bladder was going to explode so we stopped for gas and he hid under the brake pedal until I got back in and he cried the rest of the way to Clarksville. He then cried for several hours when we got into the house.

Dante and Beatrice being helpful.

Dante and Beatrice being helpful.

He cried the next few days because he didn’t understand why we were sleeping on our camping pads on the floor and he had no-where to lay. I locked him in a closet when our things got delivered and he cried after they left. He probably cried while they were there but who knows, I was frantically pulling crap out of boxes to get them to take empties away. I thought he’d be happy to see his bed and his couch but no, he just wanted to cry. I honestly don’t know how he didn’t lose his little kitten voice with all of that crying. But he seems to finally, finally be calming down a bit. Although he’s downstairs crying right now because he wants his dinner.

OK, so the house is pretty cool. The best feature for sure is this radio that is wired throughout the house. I literally had not listened to FM radio since high school in the mid-90s. I didn’t even know it really existed, actually. I went to college where we did not get radio station reception in the barracks and then graduated and had a super cool CD player in my Saturn which I would use to blast some Kid Rock or Alanis Morisette. Somehow this broke on the Saturn’s trip to Hawaii and never worked again. (So wow, the Saturn has been radio-less for more than a decade. Yes, we are so cheap when it comes to auto expenses, plus the boy drives it.) Anyways, when we got the Jetta they offered us a lifetime Sirius radio membership for like $200 which we took (obviously) so I never listened to FM. Anyways, it helps keep me occupied and is nice for when I’m doing chores or cooking. If only we could figure out how to get it to pump out of the speakers on the patio we’d be set! It was funny just because the boy thought it looked “so ghetto” but he loves it now.

The radio!!!!!! Sweet, right?

The radio!!!!!! Sweet, right?

The house is in a really great location. We are up on a hill (which made the movers HATE HATE HATE us, but I bought them as many Gatorades as my arms could take out of the gas station case and carry (that’s 8 in case you’re curious)) and there is nothing but woods behind us. We have a lot of big trees in the front and back yard and could not be closer to the nicest grocery store in town if we tried (which is Publix here in Clarksville); it’s just outside of our neighborhood and I know three different ways to get there. We could walk to the VFW for drinks within 5 minutes and if I need to strip off all my clothes in the garage after doing yard work I can do that without anyone seeing me. Although it does alarm the boy when I walk directly into the kitchen like that. That’s what he gets for not helping me at all though!

I’ve only met two neighbors while I was doing yardwork yesterday: Henrietta who has Rheumatoid arthritis and Brian who’s had a stroke (this is literally how they introduced themselves) and yes, they are probably in their 70s. Maybe that’s just how you say things when you’re older? They seemed really sweet though. I have heard the neighborhood is older in general, but I could care less. That’s actually probably really good since they won’t be having wild parties all night or having kids out screaming on the swing set at 7 a.m. on a Saturday.

I joined a CrossFit gym, which is weird. I “grew up” at CrossFit Hyperformance so everything else is automatically compared to what I consider to be the standard as I was taught at CFHP. It is definitely different in many ways. To start with, they have AIR CONDITIONING. It’s nuts. They also only have these little baggies/balls of chalk which makes me think they are sensitive about me getting it all over. Ooops. I’m probably going to get kicked out. At the best class time for me it’s almost all girls, which is the complete opposite of how it was at 6:30 a.m. at CFHP. So that is a totally different dynamic for me too. As a person who grew up with four brothers and just one sister, I’m used to teasing people and not worrying about feelings. My sister was always FAR more sensitive than my brothers and we never understood why. But it’s because she’s a girl, and girls are just usually (NOT ALWAYS) more sensitive. So I will probably be legitimately kicked out one way or the other. The thing is I can’t go to the other CF gyms in town, they are like really, really religious and I swear like a mother f-er and wouldn’t even last 5 minutes in there!

Doing pull-ups on the swing set in the backyard in between monkey bar rungs. Gotta get 'em in any way we can!

Doing pull-ups on the swing set in the backyard in between monkey bar rungs. Gotta get ’em in any way we can! And the boy just got the shortest haircut ever.

I also am trying out some MMA training. It’s pretty fun but also one of the grossest things ever. I mean if you’re a guy it’s probably no big deal. But rolling through other people’s piles of sweat is not the most sanitary thing I’ve ever done. God forbid when they partner me up with someone other than the boy. Almost all the guys there train with their shirts off which is extra yucky. So why am I doing it? It’s actually pretty fun once you get over the grossness of it. I like knowing how to choke people out. You never know when you’re going to need to do that, for real. Maybe I should just get another gun you say? Hey, it’s something new and I’m a bona fide try-er of new things.

But the funny thing about the MMA thing is that the boy and I have been talking about trying it out for years – literally years. When we met our landlords the guy was wearing a Gracie Jiu-Jitsu T-shirt so I asked about it, and it turns out he is actually the owner of the gym here in Clarksville. So that was convenient. It was finally the propulsion we needed to go from talking about it to doing it. Now we’ll just see who gets either ring worm or cellulitis first.

So there you have it! Now the funny part is finding out how people “see” me back here in Clarksville. In Savannah I was the girl who went ice and rock climbing and did CrossFit. Who will I be here? Last time in Clarksbille I was a photographer. This time I am already the girl with the bright tattoos (don’t even get me started on the conversations I’ve had with every employee at Publix about them!), but will I be a climber here? A powerlifter? An MMA fighter (not sure how keen on the actual REAL fighting I am though, the other girl there looks pretty badass!)?. Kind of funny how I am always the same person, but labeled as something different wherever I go.