I got a dog

November 20, 2014

About nine weeks ago I got a dog named Olaf.
Olaf likes sticks:





Olaf really likes sticks:




He doesn’t mind the odd pinecone either:


Olaf likes to bury tennis balls at the dog park:


There are no free rides here. We make Olaf do chores, including fetching his own water from the lake.


Olaf has some good buddies at the dog park including Mikey. They decided to tug-of-war over a tennis ball that Mikey had in his mouth the other day. Mikey is a Jiu-Jitsu master when they wrestle which is why his “limp” defense here is even more funny.


This is rare. The yawning that is. Olaf rarely tires out.


Olaf is starting to go longboarding with me!


Olaf has no love for cartoon Olaf:


Oooshey hates Olaf and now spends almost all his time upstairs in the loft. Poor Oooshey. Olaf is too loud and rambunctious for him.


Dante also hates Olaf.


Olaf makes me very tired. I can’t think of the last time I’ve been awake after 9 p.m. Even though I am still not in bed, I fall asleep in my chair like clockwork every single night. Doesn’t matter if I drink or not. Maybe I’m just turning into my dad though.


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