March 28, 2014

The other day I saw this image* come through my FB feed.

As accurate as a horoscope, no doubt.

As accurate as the good ‘ol horoscope, no doubt.

Like any bored sucker I started searching.

Now of course most people see touchy-feely words like ‘sweet’ or ‘compassionate’ maybe even ‘thoughtful’ as this was obviously designed for that kind of sentiment.

The first word I saw was ‘wrestle’ followed by ‘wrestles.’

Do you see it? They are right next to each other, as is ‘wrestless’ which I guess could then be ‘restless’ hahaha

WTF is wrong with me!

I swear, forced time off makes me completely MENTAL. I know I am extra cranky when I am not active and doing fun things so I try to keep it in check, but honestly there just isn’t enough vodka for that.

Anyways, I thought it was too funny to not share though.

In grappling related news I am still on the DL when it comes to exercise that involves ‘physical contact’ BUT, I have been given the go-ahead to return to other activities.

Yay! And yayayayayayayayaya!!!!

So I wanted to celebrate by eating donuts. Makes sense. Maybe I will save that for another day, though.

But here’s the annoying thing. The injury (which originated when???? and where?????) necessitated many, many days in the past three weeks of getting my rib shoved back in place which is a very NOT gentle process. This, of course, resulted in a separate injury to another part of the rib cage. OMG. There is not enough milk in the world for me right now, I swear I need ALL THE CALCIUM.

*Image originates from this website


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