Is this weird?

December 18, 2013

Is this weird?

Today I was walking around the neighborhood because it was a nice, cool sunny day and I wanted to get outside. I wasn’t on my street or really even that close to my house when I saw the mailman drive by. He drove past me, then turned around and said, “hey, don’t you live at 1606?”


“I have a package for you.”


“What do you want me to do with it? Leave it at your house? Or do you want to take it?”

I’m thinking to myself, why the hell would he not want to leave it at my house? But this whole thing seems weird so I say, “sure I’ll take it and walk it back up there, then come back out and finish my walk.”

What seems kind of creepy about it was that he saw me walking on the street – not even my street (not even that close to my house!) and knew what house I lived in. It would maybe not seem so odd to me if it was summer and I had short sleeves on and he recognized my peacock or something. But I had on a sweatshirt AND pants AND sunglasses. I had one previous interaction with the mailman one day when I was raking leaves like 2 months ago (when I also was wearing long sleeves).

So I walked my 20 gallon jug of protein powder back to the house. You know, those huge containers that don’t fit in any cabinet EVER?

I was then wondering how the hell he recognized me and I wondered if it was my tight pants. You see, I’ve come around to wearing tight pants but I still wonder if I look like a Wal-Mart person that has people taking photos of how stupid they look when I walk around in them. The one time I was raking leaves I was also wearing tight pants. Hmmm.

But here’s the deal. When your thigh size is 2x bigger than your waist size you need to get your pants to fit you somewhere. And I am just trying a new thing where I am not wearing dumpy pants with a cinched up belt. The sacrifice for having pants that fit in the waist is that they are super tight on the thighs but since I no longer buy things that don’t have SPANDEX listed as an ingredient than it’s not SUCH a big deal. I even have some dresses that I bought to wear with leggings because then it isn’t a dress, it’s a really long shirt over pants that some people like to tease me about (not naming names). Which is fine, make fun all you want because it feels like wearing sweatpants! Suckers.

That was my one weird moment of the day…so far.

My sister visited so we went and shot guns.

My sister visited so we went and shot guns. Obviously some people KNOW where I live.

My rib is trying it’s best to heal. I had a check-up where I lied my FACE off to the doctor promising her I would not wrestle for at least six weeks. She was dumb though for reinforcing that little fact that I “technically” couldn’t make it worse. And as my coach would say, we don’t “wrestle” in class. So technically I am following her instructions.

However, what can be made worse though are other bones. Last week I was rolling and someone caught me in a leg lock. I rolled to track star out of it but something went wrong and I totally jacked up my big toe in the process. It felt like it was made of shards of glass and couldn’t bend for several days (thank goodness we’ve had quite a few OLY shoe workouts!). It’s still bruised but feeling a little better. But here’s the deal. I am wondering what the EFFFFF is wrong with my bones? Why are they so weak? Do I have osteoporosis or whatever that old lady thing is? I thought that was for really old people???

I have to separate my veggies from my fruits with my smoothies. The veggies interfere with me pretending I am having a strawberry milkshake.

I have to separate my veggies from my fruits. The veggies interfere with me pretending I am having a strawberry milkshake.

Obviously I am now back on a full-dairy diet complete with WHOLE milk. I just don’t think the broccoli was cutting it on its own.

Do you know what has milk in it and is sooooo good? A peppermint mocha from Starbucks. With three shots of espresso. Man I love getting jacked up on coffee.

OK so seriously, is my mailman weird? Or am I weird for thinking that was just totally crazy for him to recognize me? Could it be the pants?!?!?


One comment

  1. Did you share some of that whole milk with Bea?

    The mailman is weird unless he’s just very observant which could be a good thing. You look damn good in those tight pants too. Tell the boy to stop making fun of your dress/leggings combo it is totally in style.

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