Stinky things

August 13, 2013

I have another couple stinky things to talk about.

Since moving back to Tennessee I have discovered that it takes less than ONE week for my dish sponge to smell totally rotten. I am a bit curious as to WHY it’s so bad so fast because the environment in Savannah felt like it was much more ripe for stinky sponges. However, I could go a couple of weeks (maybe more!) before having to toss them there. What gives?

I always think about putting them in the dishwasher, which is probably some stupid thing I saw on Pinterest, but can that really save a sponge that makes my hands smell like I’ve been gutting a rotten possum that was baking on the side of the road for three days?

For those who are wondering my stinky car is a little less stinky now. It has been raining quite a bit so every time I get back home I pull it in the garage and feel the floors like a woman obsessed. I only had to suck up a little bit more water with the shop vac the other day and unless I have a passenger with me now I just leave the rubber mats in the garage so the carpet can BREATHE. Even when it is in the hot sun and closed up it is a lot less stinky. I just need to go about figuring out where the water is actually breaching.

Last week I did my first two “solo” Muay Thai classes. I had only been attending classes (and thus partnering) with the boy so I was all by myself last week. At first I worked with the instructor’s kid. I don’t know how old he is, maybe 12? He was funny because we were throwing each other around and he was like “oh, I just ate a hamburger…” and I’m all “don’t you dare puke on me!”

Seriously I’ve already seen someone puke in there. That’s what happens when you take a gut shot after having recently eaten. Although you all know how I am a BARF magnet just to begin with. But even I was on the verge last week, after I had some Pirate’s Booty maybe an hour before I went. BIG MISTAKE. I felt like it was floating at the very bottom of my throat the entire time. I couldn’t even drink water as thirsty as I was, because that would have made the Pirate’s Booty chunks float on all the way up into my mouth and no-one wants that.

It behooves you to pay careful attention so that you don't hit the heavy bag with the top of your foot. Thank goodness this didn't feel at all like it looked! Also, Arnica is magical.

It behooves you to pay careful attention so that you don’t accidentally kick the heavy bag with the top of your foot instead of your shin. Thank goodness this didn’t feel at all like it looked! Also, Arnica is magical.

Anyways, my time doing drills with the kid only lasted for a little bit until the instructor paired me up with some big dudes. Luckily one kid (24 so yes, a kid) was real nice and partnered with me. The thing is that dude kicks HARD. I mean I know I am holding a 4-inch thick pad but holy hell if I didn’t think my arms were going to break last week. The bruises were ridiculous! So of course I kick as hard as I can too which means…he doesn’t even flinch. I know I am a total sissy but he’s actually done some legit fights before and those guys always seem to kick harder. Also, I can’t complain because the instructor yelled at some guy to “stop acting like a girl” the other day which I thought was hilarious because he was kind of being a sissy because he didn’t want the instructor to throw him around like a rag doll (which he does because he’s SO MUCH STRONGER than anyone else). But, he apologized to me right away so basically I especially can’t act like a sissy in there now.

I'm trying to work on making sure I can protect myself. Shooting guns! The .45 was boring after this.

I’m trying to work on making sure I can protect myself at all times. This obviously involves shooting guns! The .45 seemed boring after this and I couldn’t even be bothered to do more than one magazine with the 9mm. I’m a snob like that.

Speaking of girl things, the other day I was thinking about what shirt to wear since it is sometimes 800 degrees in there and I decided to change it up and wear a V-neck T-shirt that I got from CrossFit Hyperformance. For me, it isn’t a very practical CrossFit shirt because if we have a barbell in a front rack position – at all – it touches my skin on my collarbones and I HATE THAT. It also is a SERIOUSLY deep V. Basically, I hardly ever wear it and thought, hell, why not get a little more air flow on my skin at Muay Thai where there are no barbells.

The problem was, at Muay Thai that day we were doing Muay Thai clinches. That involves grabbing your partner’s head and pulling it down to hold against your chest. Ooops. I acted like all “NBD” and luckily my partner did too but I was just kicking myself (without Muay Thai pads) for the irony that on the ONE day I didn’t wear a full coverage T-shirt we do Muay Thai clinch work for 20 minutes. And of course since I am new to doing it I had to do lots more practice than my partner, at least he was gracious enough to pretend that.

Which is how we now circle back to the stinky thing. On Muay Thai clinch day we were just all up in each other’s business as we practiced throwing them around, moving from side to side to do knees, etc. And I was not just relieved, but genuinely surprised that my partner smelled like…clean laundry! It’s funny how I just assume the howling wolf T-shirt is going to stink like a hockey locker room and then it doesn’t. Thank gosh. Wait til I get partnered with some stank fest and then I will for real be puking up that Pirate’s Booty!

Besides Pirate’s Booty you want to know what else I have been adding back into my diet lately?


I don’t know how I went for so long without this precious, precious thing.

I just LOVE cheese. And not even fancy cheese. Give me some Publix super-sharp cheddar and I am as happy as a clam. (Why are clams happy BTW?)

I just have a love affair with cheese. I can’t help it. I also really like ice cream but feel with that I at least have some iota of self control with that which I do not have with cheese. Oh my precious, precious cheese how I missed you, I promise I won’t go another year before eating you again!

Since I haven’t done this in a looonnngg time, here are some of my new favorite things that may or may not include cheese:
Chicken and peach wraps – stupid easy and tasty. I just eat mine on a bed of spinach rather than trying to wrap that mess up though. Also, I’d say that it is a LOT of peaches proportional to the chicken. But maybe that’s just me.
Spring breakfast bowl – nothing like taking the healthy out of veggies by cooking them in bacon fat! Seriously this was really good though. Just don’t be surprised when your pee smells extra funny because who usually eats asparagus with coffee? Yeah, don’t say I didn’t warn you.
Cucumber zoodles with strawberry vinagrette – this spiral slicer I bought is pretty much my new favorite thing (try doing this to your sweet potatoes and cooking them with butter. TO DIE FOR!!!). But this is a wonderful and easy summer salad that I keep making over and over again.
Nachos with baby sweet peppers – thank goodness I am eating cheese again or these wouldn’t be as wonderful as they actually are! I sometimes make these with hamburger and my own home-made taco seasoning.

Finally, if you want to be really naughty, check out this Cracked Nut Butter. OMG!

Who doesn't love a kitteh wrapped up in a blanket?

Who doesn’t love a kitteh wrapped up in a blanket?



  1. Where do I start with my reply? It seems like forever since I have had a real conversation with you, my good buddy. And it is good news to read that you have not changed a bit. We’ll start at the end, what’s a kitteh? and why wrap it in a blanket? Then a biiiig skip back to the big CHEESE! Did I know you are a fellow cheesaholic? I have gone about a year without cheese and can hardly believe it. I have been known to devour a wheel of brie at a single sitting, with or without crackers. With or without the obligatory wine. Nothing is obligatory when it comes to cheese. That is the one thing I found most difficult about the first wholelifechallenge and we are about to embark on our THIRD wholelifechallenge on September 7. So, it will soon be a year without the wonders of the cheese world. Did you notice when we had dinner at Circa that I carefully avoided the cheeses on the appetizer platter? In all truth, I did nibble a bite or two. I am human, after all.

    We have only been here three years, so we have yet to get into guns. We hope we either join the military or leave the south before that happens. Wonder which of those is more likely to happen at our age?

    I laugh out loud at your pugilism stories. I still confuse ‘the kid’ with ‘the boy’ but I get it after a re-read or two. I picture you in your sexy v-necks and pads, surreptitiously puking into your hand or off in the corner of the room. I can see writing on your next t-shirt or maybe on your next tattoo: “Never give up, never give in, never throw up!”

    Which brings me to the top of your blog: When I saw your foot, I thought at first I was looking at your latest tattoo! Oh well, not a smart move, but I’ll bet it smarted for quite a while!

    We miss you. 6:30 seems filled with folks but not as exciting as it used to be. 7:30 is boring. Someone recently posted on FB (I didn’t recognize her name) that the word on the street is that the 7:30 class is wacky. I replied simply that I did not think that ‘wacky’ was the right word. What I meant is that wacky to me would indicate kind of fun-loving, silly – like Lucille Ball wacky. Not the wacky you and I know it can be. Unfriendly and grouchy wacky. People still tell me how they are being ignored or treated rudely. Surely, not the way it should be.

    Yes, we did make it to opening day at Whole Foods! Pretty cool! They were asking for you – they were sorry to hear you’d left before they got here.

    That’s the news for now from our part of the world. Keep those sponges un-stinky and your spirits high.

    Our love to you and R,

    D & B

    • This is probably the best comment ever! I was laughing so hard reading this. I do remember, David, that you are a Cheese-aholic. I am not sure if it was you or Ben that told me that though. Maybe Ben since I remember hearing about the wheels of brie that had gone down in your past. That sounds like me and some sharp cheddar. I don’t need anything with it, just the cheese, thank you! Congrats on getting ready for your third Whole Life Challenge. You guys are such an inspiration. Anyone who thinks 7:30 is wacky is just missing out on all the great people there are actually in that class.

      If you two ever feel like making a visit to Tennessee we would love to entertain you and take you to shoot some guns. I think it’s just fun to do. I was reading an article yesterday about how the airport with the highest rate of gun seizures is in Atlanta. That’s because it is SO easy to get a carry permit in Georgia that almost everyone does! So maybe you will too if you get to play with some 🙂

      Finally, I am so, so jealous of your Whole Foods. I would have bought 8 containers of plantain chips. Those are my favorite thing from Whole Foods and the one in Nashville is a pain to get to so I have to hope they are fully stocked on those buggers before I go.

      Oh, and wait – some friends on FB suggested that the use of Dawn dishwashing soap is the real culprit behind the stinky sponges. So I am going to buy a different brand to see if that works!

      I hope you guys are having a wonderful August. It was 58 degrees this morning here and just felt AMAZING.

      Hugs from Tennessee!

  2. Oh Bea! She looks so cute all snuggled in a blanket!
    Cheese is soooooooo amazing!!
    When was the last time you puked? College? I hope you don’t have to ever exerpience any on you at MMA. Also what is Arnica?
    I often wonder if soaking the spounge in bleach would help.
    Amazing blog as always!

    • Sorry for duplicate post…

    • No, last time I puked was here in Tennessee. They have this “Jazz on the Lawn” at the local winery and neither the boy nor I had to drive home one night since we were with our neighbor. And we each had at least a bottle of wine AT Jazz on the Lawn before we went out to a bar and did shots. And basically shots are the end of the world as I know it. So I was puking on the way home and then the infamous dual puke dead marks were in the lawn after that. And I will never do shots again. When people buy them for me I am totally rude and just refuse them.

      Also. I have gotten beta from friends on FB that the problem behind the stinky sponges is Dawn dishwashing soap. So I am going to try a different brand and see if it works!

      Arnica is some kind of plant (I think) but you can buy an arnica creme/gel that I have used for years to put on bruises for ice climbing. It basically is a natural sort of pain-relieving gel (also can be taken in pill form) but when you put it on your bruise it helps keep it from going buck wild spreading and getting really discolored and helps it heal really fast. Kind of weird, actually but it totally works. You can even find it at Publix, it’s near the other sports cremes.

      Thanks for leaving a comment!

  3. Oh Bea! She looks so cute all snuggled in a blanket!
    Cheese is soooooooo amazing!!
    When was the last time you puked? College? I hope you don’t have to ever exerpience any on you at MMA. Also what is Arnica? (I’LL google)
    I often wonder if soaking the spounge in bleach would help.
    Amazing blog as always!
    P.s. so bad ass in that gun photo!

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