Things I like & don’t like about Tennessee

August 1, 2013

Things I like about Tennessee:
– Dinner al fresco. The weather is just sooooooooooooo much better in Tennessee. The air literally FEELS better. It’s kind of crazy actually, but obviously way more conducive to eating outside especially since sand gnats do not exist here. I can tell you that I ate outside at our house in SAV a total of zero times because if it was actually comfortable enough (temperature-wise) to do so, that meant you’d look like you have chicken pox for the next three days thanks to those bastard gnats. We’ve already eaten outside on the patio I don’t know how many times outside since we finally got patio furniture. Oh and what a story that was, getting it into the Jetta to come home. I’ll spare the boy that one though. It’s also nice for snack time since it goes into shade right around 5 p.m., perfect for some drinks & Pirate’s Booty!

– My new bird feeder. We have a lot of cardinals in our yard and so we bought a bird feeder for our own entertainment. And it gets a lot of action from the cardinals and about three different other types of birds, in addition to some very talented gymnastic-y squirrels and the big, bully crows on occasion. I look forward to travelling through the house where I can look out the back windows and see what’s going on out there. It’s easy to see since our house is so private we don’t have any curtains in the kitchen or living room that face out back. Of course that means when I come home from CrossFit or MMA I strip in the kitchen to put my gross clothes right in the wash. TMI? Well hey, just don’t come sneaking into my backyard and you’ll be fine because the consequences will be all on you if you catch an eye-full of something you didn’t expect!

– Trying new things. There’s nothing like moving to force you to create new habits and routines. As I mentioned, the boy and I are spending some time learning MMA. It’s been pretty fun so far. It’s really hard for my brain to comprehend a lot of the moves, but if I work them slow and consistently I get them. Muscle memory! It definitely has me WAY far out of my comfort zone, and I am glad that at 36 I don’t feel like I am too old to try this out. The really nice thing is that at my MMA gym, which actually trains super-legit pro fighters, they are all really kind, helpful and advise me during training. They aren’t “too good” to talk to the newbie, especially considering I could probably be a mother to some of them and am as graceful as a hippopotamus. It goes to show that if you are enthusiastic and willing to learn, people will help you out no matter where you go. Now the trick will be not to hurt myself. I sort of pulled an ab/hip the other day and we’re only three weeks in!

Things I don’t like about Tennessee:
– My CrossFit gym has a rowing penalty. If you can’t run, you have to row. Well duh, right? However, here at CF Conversion you don’t just row the same run distance, it’s the run distance + 100 meters. I am so bitter about it because I literally CANNOT run (I would love to just to get off the freaking ERG!) and so when I sub a row for a run I’m not doing it RX anyways. So why then add more rowing to the workout? It really ticks me off when I could be doing something a lot more worthwhile like deadlifts, for example. Also that I am so, so, so sick of this PF and not being able to run that the row penalty makes me even more annoyed!

– Everyone wants to talk to me about my tattoos EVERYWHERE I go. But especially and always at Publix. I sometimes just try to check myself out (as in the self-check out lane!) so I don’t have to talk about them – again – but then the one person in charge of monitoring the self check-out will come over to talk about them. What was not at all unique or comment-worthy in Savannah is apparently fair game for anyone and everyone to ask about here in C-ville. It is E.X.H.A.U.S.T.I.N.G. The boy actually started shopping in long-sleeved shirts even though it’s July (well technically August today). Oh and some of the people work at Publix AND Lowe’s (across the street) so you get double-duty questions. Awesome kid. Tell me again about that back piece you are planning on getting.

– The price of liquor. It is outrageously more expensive here than in Georgia. Did you know that? It’s like Habersham liquor prices are less than Class 6 prices on post. And forget buying liquor at a store as a civilian, it’s such a massive markup. I’d have to drink Stoli vodka or something! Already the boy is thinking of who he can ask to bring him a case of bourbon when they come up to do assessments. Any takers?

Not related to Tennessee or SAV:
OK, so in unrelated news we are switching our phones from Verizon to Virgin Mobile because it will be $100 cheaper per MONTH! Yeah, look into that if you’re contract-free for sure. Anyways. I went from an old iPhone to a new Android Samsung Galaxy something-or-other so that’s a pretty big learning curve. It also means I have no-one’s contact information since I am a tech idiot. I also deleted all of my gmail the other day too. I didn’t even think that was possible, but it is, just FYI.

Anyways. The really annoying thing is how some text messages still go to my iPhone. My iPhone that I never use that I turn off and hide in the corner of my junk drawer. So if you text me and I don’t respond sorry. I don’t know how to make them come to my new phone. Some do, just on their own, but many don’t. So if anyone knows what the hell to do about that, please advise! The cool thing about my new phone is I can text with my voice, which is sure a hell of a lot easier than typing with 8 bazillion typos every time.

Oh, one more thing! So one day I get in the car and I’m like “holy hell, it stinks in here like I smell after MMA class if I was locked in a 115 degree car and rotting for three days” but I didn’t know what it was. Two days later the boy points out that there is standing water in the rubber mats on the passenger side of the car. Weird. I didn’t spill anything. We lift up the mat and the floor is SOAKED. I mean mushy-mush SOAKED. So now I know where the smell is coming from. I rig up a big fan to blow into the car all day. ALL DAY. Guess what? Mushy-mush wet still. So I bust out a new shop vac and suck out no less than two GALLONS of water. What the hell is going on?

Long story short: my car STINKS. It is like hockey gear and boxing gloves and cheesy balls (as in not the kind with dairy). I absolutely don’t know how to get the stink out. Not to mention how the water got in (although I suspect the boy hydroplaned through a puddle and got water up into a pan under the passenger side of the car (front & back mind you!)). The other morning when the boy pulled out of the driveway the Saturn lit up like a Christmas tree saying it was overheating. We put some coolant in it and he’s been driving the rank car while I test the Saturn out around town (I don’t want him to get stranded on the highway!). Usually I prefer my Jetta to the bare-bones 1999 long-ago paid off Saturn but I am more than happy to not be in that festering death bomb of a Jetta this week. So again, I ask for help from you random people that read my blog. How to get the stank out?

P.S. sorry for the lack of photos. I have some but they are all confusing to me with my new phone. My sister is going to come give me lessons and then I will have more attractive blog posts with pictures of my cats again, don’t worry!


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