July 22, 2013

Moving is certainly a funny thing.

And by funny I mean crazy, hectic, insane in so many different ways.

So to start with the actual PHYSICAL moving. We adventured out of SAV on Saturday morning. Friday evening brought TORRENTIAL downpours in downtown. It was a little bit crazy actually. I looked out the window because I heard an alarm buzzing and the street was totally under water. The cars were up to their doors in water! The alarm was from the federal building across the street probably because there was at least a foot of water inside. Apparently that’s just “normal” but I was thinking “holy crap the Jetta isn’t going to start tomorrow!” Luckily it did. And luckily the Saturn was still in the parking garage or that sucker would have been UNDER water on Oglethorpe. It was a bit eerie considering when we moved down to SAV all of middle Tennessee was under water from torrential rain. We barely made it as lots of the interstate was totally underwater too. Quite the coincidence, regardless.

photo (2)

Flooding in SAV. I thought for sure the Jetta was doomed upon seeing this! Every car that drove by would create a wave with ripples that would then slap up against the side of the buildings. Crazy!

Saturday morning we got the kittens into their cars and headed out. I had Baby Ooosh by myself (since he is THE WORST) and the boy had Dante and Beatrice together. Dante and Beatrice are total travel veterans. They’ve even flown to Hawaii and back, so once they realize it isn’t a trip to the vet they could care less. We put Beatrice in the car first then went back to get the boys. By the time we got back to the car (2 minutes later) she was already asleep.

Beatrice sleeps a lot. This was her sleeping and snoring very, very loudly on my desk today.

Beatrice sleeps a lot. This was her sleeping and snoring very, very loudly on my desk today.

Oooshey on the other hand cried NONSTOP for the nearly 8-hour journey. He spent the majority of the time on my lap – crying – but would go into the back seat occasionally to shriek like he was being skinned alive. That was especially awesome.

He’s such a peanut brain because he wants to look out the window, which is going by so fast that he almost gets car sick. He’s so dumb. We cruised through Atlanta without hitting any traffic and made it to Chattanooga before I decided my bladder was going to explode so we stopped for gas and he hid under the brake pedal until I got back in and he cried the rest of the way to Clarksville. He then cried for several hours when we got into the house.

Dante and Beatrice being helpful.

Dante and Beatrice being helpful.

He cried the next few days because he didn’t understand why we were sleeping on our camping pads on the floor and he had no-where to lay. I locked him in a closet when our things got delivered and he cried after they left. He probably cried while they were there but who knows, I was frantically pulling crap out of boxes to get them to take empties away. I thought he’d be happy to see his bed and his couch but no, he just wanted to cry. I honestly don’t know how he didn’t lose his little kitten voice with all of that crying. But he seems to finally, finally be calming down a bit. Although he’s downstairs crying right now because he wants his dinner.

OK, so the house is pretty cool. The best feature for sure is this radio that is wired throughout the house. I literally had not listened to FM radio since high school in the mid-90s. I didn’t even know it really existed, actually. I went to college where we did not get radio station reception in the barracks and then graduated and had a super cool CD player in my Saturn which I would use to blast some Kid Rock or Alanis Morisette. Somehow this broke on the Saturn’s trip to Hawaii and never worked again. (So wow, the Saturn has been radio-less for more than a decade. Yes, we are so cheap when it comes to auto expenses, plus the boy drives it.) Anyways, when we got the Jetta they offered us a lifetime Sirius radio membership for like $200 which we took (obviously) so I never listened to FM. Anyways, it helps keep me occupied and is nice for when I’m doing chores or cooking. If only we could figure out how to get it to pump out of the speakers on the patio we’d be set! It was funny just because the boy thought it looked “so ghetto” but he loves it now.

The radio!!!!!! Sweet, right?

The radio!!!!!! Sweet, right?

The house is in a really great location. We are up on a hill (which made the movers HATE HATE HATE us, but I bought them as many Gatorades as my arms could take out of the gas station case and carry (that’s 8 in case you’re curious)) and there is nothing but woods behind us. We have a lot of big trees in the front and back yard and could not be closer to the nicest grocery store in town if we tried (which is Publix here in Clarksville); it’s just outside of our neighborhood and I know three different ways to get there. We could walk to the VFW for drinks within 5 minutes and if I need to strip off all my clothes in the garage after doing yard work I can do that without anyone seeing me. Although it does alarm the boy when I walk directly into the kitchen like that. That’s what he gets for not helping me at all though!

I’ve only met two neighbors while I was doing yardwork yesterday: Henrietta who has Rheumatoid arthritis and Brian who’s had a stroke (this is literally how they introduced themselves) and yes, they are probably in their 70s. Maybe that’s just how you say things when you’re older? They seemed really sweet though. I have heard the neighborhood is older in general, but I could care less. That’s actually probably really good since they won’t be having wild parties all night or having kids out screaming on the swing set at 7 a.m. on a Saturday.

I joined a CrossFit gym, which is weird. I “grew up” at CrossFit Hyperformance so everything else is automatically compared to what I consider to be the standard as I was taught at CFHP. It is definitely different in many ways. To start with, they have AIR CONDITIONING. It’s nuts. They also only have these little baggies/balls of chalk which makes me think they are sensitive about me getting it all over. Ooops. I’m probably going to get kicked out. At the best class time for me it’s almost all girls, which is the complete opposite of how it was at 6:30 a.m. at CFHP. So that is a totally different dynamic for me too. As a person who grew up with four brothers and just one sister, I’m used to teasing people and not worrying about feelings. My sister was always FAR more sensitive than my brothers and we never understood why. But it’s because she’s a girl, and girls are just usually (NOT ALWAYS) more sensitive. So I will probably be legitimately kicked out one way or the other. The thing is I can’t go to the other CF gyms in town, they are like really, really religious and I swear like a mother f-er and wouldn’t even last 5 minutes in there!

Doing pull-ups on the swing set in the backyard in between monkey bar rungs. Gotta get 'em in any way we can!

Doing pull-ups on the swing set in the backyard in between monkey bar rungs. Gotta get ’em in any way we can! And the boy just got the shortest haircut ever.

I also am trying out some MMA training. It’s pretty fun but also one of the grossest things ever. I mean if you’re a guy it’s probably no big deal. But rolling through other people’s piles of sweat is not the most sanitary thing I’ve ever done. God forbid when they partner me up with someone other than the boy. Almost all the guys there train with their shirts off which is extra yucky. So why am I doing it? It’s actually pretty fun once you get over the grossness of it. I like knowing how to choke people out. You never know when you’re going to need to do that, for real. Maybe I should just get another gun you say? Hey, it’s something new and I’m a bona fide try-er of new things.

But the funny thing about the MMA thing is that the boy and I have been talking about trying it out for years – literally years. When we met our landlords the guy was wearing a Gracie Jiu-Jitsu T-shirt so I asked about it, and it turns out he is actually the owner of the gym here in Clarksville. So that was convenient. It was finally the propulsion we needed to go from talking about it to doing it. Now we’ll just see who gets either ring worm or cellulitis first.

So there you have it! Now the funny part is finding out how people “see” me back here in Clarksville. In Savannah I was the girl who went ice and rock climbing and did CrossFit. Who will I be here? Last time in Clarksbille I was a photographer. This time I am already the girl with the bright tattoos (don’t even get me started on the conversations I’ve had with every employee at Publix about them!), but will I be a climber here? A powerlifter? An MMA fighter (not sure how keen on the actual REAL fighting I am though, the other girl there looks pretty badass!)?. Kind of funny how I am always the same person, but labeled as something different wherever I go.



  1. Laughed out loud several times–I would definitely like to know how to choke someone out!!!!

    • Thanks Tonya, hope you, Ben & the girls (including Shasta!) are all doing well!

  2. Maija, i love reading your blog – makes me miss you even more. Note my blog name. You remember us as Ben and David but my narcissism insisted on my blog name to be davidben. Anyway, a suggestion for your Clarksville moniker: Lydia. You might remember the wise poet and philosopher Marx – Groucho Marx, I mean, of course! – who sang of one of his muses Lydia the Tattooed Lady. You can easily find him singing it on youtube

    Here are some of the lyrics but the video has much more and better:

    Oh Lydia, Oh Lydia
    Now have you met Lydia
    Lydia the tattooed lady
    She has muscles men adore-so
    And a torso even more-so
    Oh, Lydia, Oh Lydia
    Now have you met Lydia
    Lydia the queen of tattoo
    On her back is the battle of Waterloo
    Beside it the wreck of the Hesperus too
    and proudly above waves the red white and blue
    You can learn a lot from Lydia

    There’s Grover Walen unveilin’ the Trylon
    Over on the West Coast we have Treasure Island
    There’s Captain Spaulding exploring the Amazon
    And Lady Godiva–but with her pajamas on
    She can give you a view of the world in tattoo
    If you step up and tell her where
    Mon Paree, Kankakee, even Perth by the sea
    Or of Washington crossing the Delaware.

    Oh Lydia, Oh Lydia, now have you met Lydia
    Lydia the queen of them all
    She has a view of Niagara which nobody has
    And Basin Street known as the birthplace of jazz
    And on a clear day you can see Alcatraz!
    You can learn a lot from Lydia!
    –Lydia the queen of tattoo!

    • Thank you David, this really made me smile! I feel like Lydia at Publix. Yesterday I even went to the self check-out so no-one would talk to me about my tattoos but of course the girl monitoring the area had to talk to me. Ah! It’s funny how something that wasn’t a big deal in Savannah is such a conversation piece in a different place.

      Also. I did notice the name! If it makes you feel any better, most people call us Ryan & Maija, not Maija & Ryan. ha!

  3. Yay! For not running over a pile of nails! Sounds like you are settling in nicely in your new neighborhood.

    Can’t wait to see if you get kicked out of your new CF gym. You don’t need those A/C loving chalk haters. And, MMA! Holy cow, you’re my hero for rolling around and touching that nastiness.

    Sweet swing set. Did Ryan Bic his head? I have never seen his hair THAT SHORT!

    • I am for sure the only person at CF that does not wear lululemon. I think at one point in my life I would’ve tried it just b/c I hear it fits well, but now I never will because then I’d just be like everyone else! Also, I don’t think I’d want to wear $$$ lulu to MMA class.

      No, Ryan just buzzed his head and the sun was at a bad angle. He’s not thrilled I used that pic. Hahahaha!

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