Please talk me into this?

March 5, 2013

The boy: “Ew, what is going on with your back?”

Me: “What are you talking about?”

The boy: “Your skin is all raw and peeling and looks like alligator skin!”

Me: “Oh, that’s just from squatting all the time.”

True story, happened this weekend.

I had my Wendler 5+ day on Saturday which was awesome, and then went back to the boy’s new work gym the next day to play around with things like bands and chains with squats. So yeah, sometimes my back/neck pays the price for that.

What else pays a price? My legs.


I know I have complained on here about my ice climbing harness that is of a new safety design you don’t have to remember to double back because it doesn’t actually OPEN all the way.

What does this mean?

You have to slide it on over your hips and butt and 16 layers of clothing.

In December when I was early on in my Wendler program it was not a big deal. January ice climbing meant I was having nearly an epic (or two) a day getting that bitch on and off my butt and hips. I knew that for my upcoming March trip, after two more months of intense powerlifting, that it would just not be happening.

I dug through the gear closet and pulled out the boy’s harness which opens ALL THE WAY. Problem solved! I step into it and the leg loops get stuck just above my knee. Are you kidding me?

Fortunately they are adjustable and I had to take them nearly to the max to correctly fit his harness – which was sized to his little bird legs – to my tree trunks.

Are you digging my new knee sleeves? So am I! Bonus: the awesome leg muffins I get when wearing them.

Are you digging my new knee sleeves? So am I! Bonus: the awesome leg muffins I get when wearing them.

So, speaking of tree trunks and squatting, there’s this powerlifting meet that is going to take place at my gym on April 6.

This is actually a legit powerlifting competition, the Georgia Spring Open. Legit as in I’d be sporting a singlet to compete.

Compete? Yeah, I’m thinking about it. But man, I tell you, I just really get nervous when people watch me so maybe it would be a total $h*t show??? I don’t know. It sounds kind of scary and fun. I have been seeing significant progress at the moderately heavy loads I train with on the Wendler program (I am now in my fourth cycle) but I don’t know if that really prepares me for 1RMs.

And the other thing is, I’m super intimidated to 1RM, like all the time. So why am I even thinking about this? I don’t know. It just sounds badass maybe? Or it gives my training some kind of benchmark. I mean I’ve been having so much fun powerlifting these past few months just for the sake of powerlifting. But does that mean I should do a competition?

On the other hand, the competition is in my backyard. It is one mile from my house. I can go home to cry if I need to (or you know, poop my pants which is much more likely), but it will have lots of people I know in attendance, so I wouldn’t be “all by myself” like it would be if I were somewhere outside of town.

Because I have no frame of reference for what I can back squat right now, I am going to get heavy with a coach (who will probably serve as a sports psychologist to me too) on Saturday so I have some sort of idea of where I am.

I ordered my first weight belt yesterday too.

Today I was looking for singlets online. This is what I found:

Women’s singlet for competition. Pretty sweet, eh?

Badass, right?

Actually, I was thinking if I found my old rowing uni from college I would just wear that. Well, only if it hasn’t been eaten by moths.

In other news, this is day 30 of my Whole30. Last week was the craziest week ever as far as Whole30 goes. I had some of the most heinous heartburn ever. Like had to take (non-Whole30 compliant Tums) just so I could lie down. Then, I had MAD cravings for some vodka AND for junk I haven’t craved in like 8 months. Some nights I just had to brush my teeth immediately after dinner to keep myself clean. One night I took two dates and mashed them together with cocoa powder. It was not awesome.

What else is coming up? The CrossFit Opens. I am really just not into it this year. I think it is partly because everything I read on any CrossFit-related website tells me how I “should” want to do it.

But I don’t!

I am going to because I know there are some folks at my gym that want to get a team to qualify for regionals, and my scores may help that happen. But, honestly my heart is just not into it. Maybe it will get there? Maybe I would feel like I was missing out if I didn’t? I feel like I just moved beyond that space of being competitive in CrossFit sometime over the last year, and don’t know that logging my scores online and seeing how $h*tty they are will make me feel better about it.

I would push and pull sleds every day of my life if I could.

Oh! As if I’m not all over the place ALREADY, I have finally gotten in to see the new gym at the boy’s work and it is like a football player’s dream! Or, for me it was like being a kid in a candy store! There were sooooo many toys, more than I even knew what to do with! But, I tested every single one of them out this weekend, actually. We documented lots with photos because it was hilarious. So much to do and try. There are even hurdles! I was lucky I didn’t face plant especially because the boy sucked at taking the photo and I had to do it 3 times. And I really do NOT know how to hurdle.

I pretty much think running is the dumbest and most boring thing ever. But this treadmill was SO cool. It goes as fast as you pace it. Totally a hamster on a wheel. See? Simple things.

Alright. Enough spewing for one night. Please help me out though and convince me to stop being a chicken $h*t about really heavy things. Maybe I should just close my eyes and sign up and then I won’t be whining on my blog about how scared I am! What should I dooooooooooooooooooooo???



  1. Heck yeah, you should do it! If you’re thinking about it this much, you want to do it. If you don’t like it, guess what? You don’t have to do the next one! 🙂 Use the Higgins Method to decide…flip a coin and see how you feel/react to the outcome. That’s what you really want to do. Good luck and let us know how it goes!

    • Thanks for the encouragement Kevin! I thought about it a lot last night and think I will just sign up and full-on commit to it instead of being so wishy-washy, so that way I can come up with a plan (and get my singlet situation all sorted out!). Plus I have a few days of climbing in the Ghost to break up the nerves before then 😉

  2. You can totally do this. And, you’ll be awesome! The singlet is badass. I would chicken out at thought of having to wear one.

    • Dude, I hope there is a strict “no photo” policy while we are strutting the singlets! But I guess it can’t be too much worse than my rowing trou that I wear every day. I never realize how lumpy I look in them until I see myself in a photo and am horrified! Guess that’s why it’s good there aren’t any mirrors in there!

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