YouTube infamy?!

December 14, 2012

I have had a whirlwind of exciting things happening over the past week & thought that instead of continuing to tell my cats all these funny stories I could write it all down and share it with the three people that read my blog! (Hi, Mom!)

So, let’s work backwards, actually. Yesterday I went to the gym (again) in the afternoon so I could do my Wendlering. If you don’t know what that is, I think I already explained it in my last blog post. So you can read that if you’re curious, or just know that it is a powerlifting program for strength and not concern yourself with it anymore because it isn’t all that relevant in the following story.

This week is my 1+ week and I was deadlifting yesterday. I was almost done with all of my sets when Chris (who comes to my class at 6:30 a.m. (p.s. I just noticed how it’s “my” class at 6:30 a.m. did you catch that too?)) came in with Mike from CrossFit HQ. Mike had been at Chris’ school (Chris is a principal) filming a piece for the CrossFit Journal because Chris’ school does CrossFit Kids for PE. How cool is that? I seriously love that they are teaching little girls how to do pull-ups and not just that stupid flexed arm hang bullshit. But anyways, there’s a lot more to it than that actually, and it’s a very cool and inspiring story, but that’s all you need to know for right now; CrossFit HQ Mike got a text that said he needed to go film a WOD demo. So Chris brought him on over.

The gym was pretty empty when they showed up since I was Wendlering during non-class hours and was going to stay to assist at the 4:30 class. A small group of firefighters had just showed up so Jen (one of the CFHP owners and my regular coach) asked if I would be willing to do the WOD as part of the video so there would be at least 1 girl in it (actually, that’s probably not why she asked but that’s what I told myself). I said yes and crossed my fingers that it wouldn’t involve ring dips since I had already done (what felt like) a million already that morning.

Much to my delight the workout ended up being a combination of power snatches and burpees, which just happens to be stuff I am actually good at! I was psyched. Although not so much about being on video.


1) I was not wearing a “workout” bra. I was just there at the gym to deadlift remember, which does not involve bouncy movements, obviously. Who wants to see that show up on YouTube?

2) I always just cringe when I see myself on video. I’m one of those people who isn’t keen on getting lots of photos taken of myself to begin with. And video is like a whole ‘nother level of embarrassment  I have an image in my head of what I look like, and it isn’t what shows up on video. I mean, what is wrong with my chin/neck? It is never looking so gross like that when I stand in front of the mirror! And why am I so animated? Do I always do that? Probably. Sheesh. I am so embarrassing.

OK, so we are going to do this thing. CrossFit HQ Mike tells us to not be that crazy psycho going at 150% to get the fastest time at the cost of sacrificing movement quality. It is supposed to be all about showing how to do the movements correctly and demonstrating good form as a reflection of your coach.

Cool. I get that. ‘You can do that’, I tell myself. Makes total sense. Who wants to be that person that everyone leaves comments about on YouTube looking like an A-hole?! Not me! Plus I love Jen. She’s been my coach at CFHP for 2.5 years, and has put a ton of effort into helping me develop as an individual, athlete and future coach. So yeah, I want to represent well.

So I have the right intentions at least, but believe me when I tell you it gets better.

We decide to wait and film at the 4:30 class. Which ends up being huge. There are more people than barbells. Snatches aren’t the easiest thing to teach new people. Jen was a rock star organizing a class warm-up and then leading a snatch progression. I was a demo girl. I don’t really think they will put that on the video though. God forbid. I was wearing a new T-shirt. It is a L but not the roomiest L I’ve ever had. It’s a bit tight in the shoulders and upper chest, so as I was demoing the snatch progression it started getting jacked up under my armpits, enough to the point where the “CrossFit Hyperformance” logo was probably folded on top of itself. And I had sweaty pits from deadlifting – yeah, that’s right, I keep it classy.

Now it’s time to set up to do the workout. I position myself in the very back of the class. Good. CrossFit HQ Mike isn’t going to want to do any filming back here! I am feeling psyched. But then I realize that I am right next to Coach Bob. Now Bob is a LEGIT Olympic lifting coach. He actually taught the USA Weightlifting OLY coach certification course that I got my Level 1 certificate at. So he is badass. Oh, and also freakishly fast at burpees.


I am totally going to be racing him.

The good news is that I can do 65-lb power snatches fast and with good form. The bad news is I am going to go balls out to beat Bob, and I know it is not going to be easy to get Bob on this workout, if I can at all. These movements are definitely in both of our wheelhouses.

And I like him, I really do, but I just can’t help myself. It goes back to me being an A-hole I suppose…I just like to beat people. And Bob is not a guy I ever get to work out with, so it’s exciting and new!

I even talk to Bob before the workout, asking if he slows the momentum or catches the bar back on his thighs before going back to the ground. I’m just trying to suss things out, you see. We both grab chalk before the workout starts and leave the bucket between us. I chalk up my bar because I am sure as $h*t not going to waste time chalking up during the workout when I’m next to Bob.

3-2-1 Go!

And we’re off! I am never the fastest out of the gate because I like to pick a pace I know I can hold. So I settle in and start moving…and do.not.stop. Barbell, burpees, barbell burpees…and so it goes. The sets are fast enough that I don’t need to.

Round 1 goes to Bob, as I expected it would.

Round 2 he doesn’t take a break, but drops the bar a couple of times which gives me *literally* a few seconds to catch up.

Rounds 3-5 are a blur. I only felt like I had one single power snatch that went up a bit wonky. And not bad, but it just felt strange, so I reminded myself not to look like that A-hole CrossFit HQ Mike was warning about!

I finish my last rep and call time and immediately head to the door. I NEED AIR.

Now, despite my proclivity to win, I actually do not take exceptional joy in finishing first, but it never feels bad. Especially on a day like yesterday when at the morning class I was almost in last place thanks to those mother-f^ck*ng ring dips.

So, that was that. Seems like kind of a let down eh? Maybe it’s because I set the stage very dramatically. Or maybe you’ll just have to wait and see the video and then it will all be worth it. I am sure I look like a freak.

I came back in and cheered for everyone else who made their way through the workout. All the firefighters did it together in the second heat. It was really, really cool. It was also good to have lots of different folks modifying the workload in different ways. Micayla’s recent knee surgery had her doing burpees without a jump, which of course got her full-on on-air camera time. SO GLAD THAT WASN’T ME! I seriously do not want a feature. I’d die.

But yeah that’s pretty cool, huh? The video should be out in February sometime. Obviously I will be melting with embarrassment when it comes out, even though I am 100% certain I will only get panned over in the background. I hope my shirt isn’t all jacked up under my armpits though! I did make sure to tuck it in a little for the burpees so no bare belly skin would be showing. Trust me, a little tuck in the front and back = peace of mind, and it’s a great thing.

OK, so I know I totally led you into thinking I was going to write about all the other exciting things that have happened this past week, but I am only going to share one more in this blog, which is kind of related. I will save all of my ice climbing in Bozeman tales for a separate blog.

What am I doing inside an igloo in Hyalite Canyon with these awesome Chicks? You’ll have to wait until next week to find out! Photo courtesy of Amy Jurries, part of the winning team in room 201.

So here’s what happened. I’m coming home from Bozeman and on my DIA–>ORD leg I am boarding the plane behind this dude who is no stranger to lifting weights. He is as big as a house. I am sure he’s a powerlifter. And no $h*t this dude is one seat away from me on the plane. The guy who is in between us is this Irish guy who is a personal trainer that comes to the states to go to gyms like Westside Barbell for training.

Obviously we totally geeked out talking about different strength training programs. It was funny how they immediately noticed my callused hands and knew I was a lifter. I am so used to them looking this way I don’t even think about it, actually.

The brick $h*thouse dude was from Ohio and he was super nice, but kinda like a box of rocks if you know what I am saying. The guy from Dublin was wicked smart but holy hell that accent made him SO HARD to understand. It was hilarious.

Ah so, just another day in the life. I will be anxious to see how the video is when it comes out in February. I am sure I will do an in-depth and thorough analysis right here. And for all those wondering, yes I talk to Rebeccah all the time. I actually think it’s harder to train away from Rebeccah than with her since she just keeps adding more weight to her bars down there in Florida. It must be all those turtles and manatees she is deadlifting!

Edit: So I wrote this blog and hit publish just before running off to the airport to pick up the boy. Funny thing is, he actually ran into Bob at the airport while he was waiting for me to get there (thanks to some gnarly traffic accident that had all lanes headed west rubber-necking…he had time). So anyways, Bob mentions to the boy how he was also racing me in that workout, not realizing he had put his barbell next to mine until it was too late. And all of this is out of the blue. I mean, Bob knows “us” because we went to the USAW Certification course he taught, but I thought it was hilarious that he mentioned the whole ordeal to the boy in passing at the airport. Ha! Too funny, but love the mutual respect thing we’ve got going on! 🙂 


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