Training partners

November 27, 2012

Well, I survived.

Just what exactly did I survive, you inquire?

I survived my training partner moving far, far away.

I was too emotional last week to even write about it. I didn’t want to get all sad before she left because when we were working out I didn’t want to be thinking “oh, it’s the last time we will ever do ____ together,” or “who will share a bar with me during the MOD?” or “who will I text every night to strategize about the next day’s workout after hitting refresh 100 times at 9 p.m. to find out what the workout actually is?”

We were always doing something goofy! And yes, I’m a nasty, sweaty beast. Even I think I look gross!

Over my 35 years of life on this planet, I’ve come to learn that it is simply easier to just stay in the present and not look forward to the (dread) of the future. Yes, that sentence totally makes me sounds like a hippy.

But seriously, it’s true. I’ve said so many goodbyes for deployments that I have learned that you can really ruin your last few days by being miserable with the just the anticipation of your partner leaving. If you don’t think about it until it’s time to go, then when they are gone you just carry on  because what are the alternatives? They are gone and you still have $h*t to do, which you then continue to do. #fact

It’s kind of the same thing with CrossFit. Sometimes I kill myself with dread on the days we have 100 pull-ups because I know with 100% certainty that given 100 pull-ups in a short period of time I will rip my hands and they will hurt and that I will be crabby about it and have to take showers wearing latex gloves for three days. And not cook anything with citrus. And carry salve with me everywhere. And not wear any nice shirts because they will get salve on them. And get up 10 minutes earlier for the next 5 days to tape my hands to go to the gym. It just affects me in so many ways! Why don’t I wear gloves to do 100 pull-ups then? Because I am not a pussy, that’s why.

So anyways. Rebeccah is gone. The boy is lobbying to be my training partner now, but I don’t know that he’s up to it. Rebeccah and I…we were just like peas in a pod. I could practically read her mind when it came to CrossFit stuff. If a workout had 65 lb thrusters we would just scale up to 95 just for $h*ts and giggles. If a workout was 3 rounds for normal people with the alternative to go 5 for over-achievers, we’d do 5 and not even have to talk about it beforehand. If I wanted to go drag sleds around the block, she was always game.

I took this photo in “skinny jeans” for the sole purpose of sending it to Rebeccah for a laugh. She got a good one out of it. Although maybe the funnier part of it was all my so-called friends telling me how great I looked! Hahahaha!!!

Rebeccah was a great training partner not only because she was hilarious and super fun to work out with, but we were actually a pretty evenly matched pair on almost any exercise. She was definitely stronger at certain movements than I, and vice versa, but since workouts often have multiple components, we always finished really close to each other. And we were genuinely 100% always rooting for each other.

We even pretty much weighed the same. Although Rebeccah has a much better booty because she can squat a metric $h*t ton of weight.

We recently did the “butt test” and there was no way I could jam the barbell over her gluteus maximus, whereas it glided right over mine. If you’re not familiar that means “I NEED MOAR SQUATZ” and explains why she can throw down an obnoxious number of reps at 225 without even breaking a sweat. This is a video of the butt test: http://media.crossfit.com/cf-video/CrossFit_AF_ButtTest.mov or you can just Google it. If it doesn’t come up with a video that includes barbells with 45 lb plates on each side then I can’t guarantee you haven’t just clicked on porn. Don’t be pointing the finger at me when you get BUSTED with your cookies!

Anywho, getting back to squats. That is one of the first things I remember about meeting Rebeccah. I came to the 7:30 class and chatted with her about the workout the 6:30 class had just finished. It had squats in it – front squats, I believe – that were a little on the heavy side & had a lot of reps. I asked her how she broke them up and she told me and I thought, “OK, that sounds do-able.” Then I started the workout and was all “oh my gawwwwd I am dying, and holy hell that girl can squat!” since I had to break them up at least twice as much as she had. The girl likes to get heavy.

So, we were given the opportunity to program the workouts for the athletes at CrossFit Hyperformance for her last three days in town, and I’m pretty sure 90% of the gym hated us. Neither of us is a particularly gym-nasty individual, so there wasn’t a lot of that in there. But, we both like picking up big, heavy objects, pushing sleds, flipping tires and climbing ropes. And that’s what we did, which of course resulted in rope burn, atlas stone rub, and forearm tire-flip pump!

Monday: Ralph, a hero workout of 4 rounds: 250/185 lb. deadlift x 8, 16 burpees, 3 rope climbs, 600m run.

Tuesday: Deck of cards where the class broken up into four teams rotates between four stations: 1 sled push station, 1 atlas stone station, 1 sledgehammer beatdown station and 1 tire flip station. Of course we HAD to be paired together and seriously every time we got to the tire flip the number drawn from the deck of cards was 10. Except once I distinctly remember it was a 3. But other than that, 10 motherF-ing flips. We were absolutely filthy from that workout. It was SO. MUCH. FUN.

Wednesday: “David vs. Goliath” which is a 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 of a 155/105 lb clean & jerk with 1 round of Cindy (5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats) between each round of C&J. This is one of my favorite workouts because pull-ups in increments of 5 are THE BEST. Any more than that and I start to look maniacal.

The funny thing about Wednesday’s workout is that Rebeccah just wanted to do something that she could wear her brand, spanking new OLY shoes for. And it’s a damn good thing she did, because I helped her move out of her apartment and load up the van and she kept them on and wore those suckers ALL DAY. She had me convinced that she had better form when picking up boxes from the floor thanks to the OLY shoes. So, next time I move I guess I will have to try them out. I mean, they should work the same because we have matching shoes, of course!

My OLY shoes that I freaking LOVE! Rebeccah got the same pair and has already gotten MAD PRs wearing them!

Actually, those shoes are like MAGIC for her because she went to a new gym for her first workout yesterday and did a 115 lb. hang snatch. That is more than she EVER snatched from the GROUND here! I was super psyched to hear about it because it’s obviously super awesome for a number of reasons:

  1. New PR on your FIRST DAY at a new gym, after several days off with the stress of moving to a new city all by yourself.
  2. Looking badass on your FIRST DAY at a new gym!
  3. Continuing to push the bar for our (as in her and my) OLY lifts higher and higher!
  4. Giving me confidence that my new OLY shoes will improve my snatch by at least 10 lbs too!

There’s no doubt in my mind that her new gym is going to be super stoked to have her in class, and they should be! Here’s why:

  1. Rebeccah is hilarious. You might sometimes be laughing AT her when she does something awkward (like rolling right off the GHD onto her face), but trust me, you will be laughing.
  2. Rebeccah is strong. She loves to throw down some weight. And, like me, she loves to do more weight than the boys.
  3. Rebeccah is determined. If she sets her mind to do ____ then believe me, she will do it.
  4. Rebeccah is encouraging. She believes unconditionally in your ability to do ________ and will be a positive force checking in with you while you work to accomplish it.
  5. Rebeccah is smart. She’s a freaking dolphin whisperer!!!
  6. Rebeccah is not afraid to speak her mind. If you are doing something dumb or dangerous in the gym, she will save your ass. If you come in and tell a story about how you pulled some jackass move (that you don’t actually think was jackass but was instead justified), she will tell you that it was a jackass move, and WHY it was a jackass move. I love this about her!

So even though she isn’t *here* anymore doesn’t mean I won’t still be texting Rebeccah on a daily basis so we can compare benchmarks, PRs or goals. Or that I won’t be sending her messages about how Cindy came in to throw down some big girl weights this morning. Or about how stoked Chris was to have 90s rock blasting during the workout.  This is all critical information you see! The end result is that it will just be a little less rowdy in the morning, and every day someone has actually noted how “quiet” it is. 😦

So does that mean we are training partners by proxy or something like that?

Already the boy is stepping up his game by handily beating me on Monday during a workout that included 25 wall climbs which he claims to “totally suck at”. However, if you beat everyone in almost the whole gym I don’t think you can actually say that. Duh.

I feel a little lonely without my training partner, no doubt, but I am very thankful for all the hot, sweaty, nasty workouts we did together and am looking forward to throwing down with Rebeccah again!

This is 1 lb of York Peppermint Patties. There are two of them. That means there are two 1/2 lb Peppermint Patties in here. WHO EATS THIS? I so wish I had taken a picture of the 1 lb Snickers. It says “for sharing” but seriously, you know there are some weirdos out there biting into it in the middle of the night all by themselves.


One comment

  1. Awwww…your blog makes me want to cry on the inside about the loss of your workout partner. I’m happy to read that you two are still on it w/texts but it is not the same! I hope Rebecca can come back to SAV for a couple more workouts.

    PS I’m totally getting the 1lb snickers!

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