Great idea! Or is it?

November 15, 2012

Not to brag or anything, but I often come up with some really great ideas.

That is to say they START out as great ideas.

Example: Rebeccah and I were expecting “Ralph,” a new hero workout that included heavy deadlifts, burpees, rope climbs & a 600m run to be programmed for our Wednesday morning session. When it didn’t come up as that but rather a “Mini Murph” I immediately suggested we: a) either do “Mini Murph” followed by “Ralph” or b) do “Clovis.”

Of course Rebeccah is like WTF is “Clovis” and where the hell is THAT coming from because I essentially pulled that out of the air as an option. Well, “Clovis” is a new hero workout that published – very fittingly – on Veterans’ Day. It is a 10-mile run and 150 burpee pull-ups – divvy out that pain however you so choose. Sounds awesome, right? Well, I reasoned that if you just run 1 mile and do 15 burpee pull-ups x 10, it won’t be that bad; I mean what a GREAT idea for a Wednesday morning!

Since Rebeccah is totally psyched to try anything she agreed to give it a go. So we showed up ready to run.

Now, about running: I HATE IT. And that is actually not a strong enough statement. I simply cannot put into words how much I detest “going for a run.” I just think it is absolutely one of the most boring things to do. It also hurts my ache-y arthritic knees, and sometimes my hips.

Now I know there are TONS of people that just “love” running. They go out and run for FUN. They like to run for hours at a time, several times a week and will even sign up & pay money to run through the streets with hundreds (or thousands) of other people in a race.

For “fun.”

Inconceivable, really, but hey, I think that’s great… for them. They probably think it’s just as “not fun” to pick up heavy weights and put them over your head over and over again (which I could do all day, every day). Fair enough. But, just so ya know, I HATE to run. Outside of the 400m and occasional 800m intervals we run at CrossFit, I NEVER run.

Secondly. I take these hero workouts pretty seriously. They are made to honor service members who were killed in action. They are meant to be hard. Extra hard. Almost every morning in the class after mine there is a woman who works out whose husband was killed overseas. There is a hero workout for him. He gave the ultimate sacrifice as did all the other heroes we honor with these workouts, and it is the least I can do to suffer through some of the exercises they loved to do.

Long story short, after a mere two hours and six minutes it was all over (thank goodness).

But what an adventure it was.

The highlight had to be the man (40s-50s?) wearing a white hoodie who was riding a BMX-sized bike with only one hand. He was having trouble turning the corner and keeping his balance with using only one hand on the bars. Why? Because he had a huge knife FOR STABBING PEOPLE in his other hand. This hand that held the knife was the one that was going to be passing by my left thigh which he was holding OUT. So, I looked him hard in the eye, looked pointedly at the knife, and looked at him hard again. In case you don’t know that means: “I see that knife you are carrying OUT and pointing towards me right now. Don’t even THINK of trying to jack me or I will F*&k your $h*t up.” I hustled as fast as I could (considering it was mile 7) back to the gym to breathlessly warn Rebeccah about that psycho. She’s way cuter than I am so I thought she’d be at high risk for getting stabbed at and slung over the BMX handle bars while he pedaled her back to his lair for some Criminal Minds-like behavior or experiments. Or at least that’s what I was envisioning. (That show has seriously made me a crazy person. I now approach so many situations with an uber-high level of suspicion because I have seen way too many women killed on that show!)

Our 1-mile route from the gym passes by a bakery. So 10 times yesterday I ran by this bakery that smells intoxicatingly of sugar and donuts. I’ve never even been into this bakery, but SON OF a B it smells good. On more than one of my laps surrounded in the cloud of sugary-dough air I told myself I’d just say “F the gluten, I’m going to get a donut today after this is over.” But yet on another, when I was feeling more self-righteous, I was like “screw those stupid donuts, I’m totally making some paleo chocolate waffles instead!” Reality: I was too tired and my stomach was too googly to eat when it was all over anyways.

“Mittens” on the roof OF OUR HOUSE. Yeah, she is growing to be quite the agile cat. We still feed her and pick her up on a daily basis, and she totally lives in the neighbors’ backyard (even though she isn’t their cat!).

But, back to the bakery. On one of the later laps I was running by the bakery thinking about how the bottoms of my feet felt like they were peeling off into my socks in pools of blood when all of a sudden I heard “YEAH, go Maija, come on Maija!!!” I look up and there’s my friend Mich – who just became a cop – outside the bakery in her cop uniform. She just happened to come out as I was passing by. It was hilarious, and not just because there were cops getting donuts at the bakery. But, because what are the chances? And boy was that psych she passed on helpful!

So what is the point of all of this good idea vs. bad idea?

(1) Rebeccah and I still need to do Ralph. I only have a few days left of working out with her before she moves away FOREVER! We simply cannot pass up the chance to do heavy deadlifts and rope climbs. So, my idea to do “Clovis” further pushed back “Ralph” but I’m not too worried, seriously, I know we will get it done.

(2) I don’t think dragging the sled up and down the street (with Rebeccah of course) or working on pistols the day before was necessarily the smartest thing to do. But at the time I didn’t expect to be doing 10 miles of running with 150 burpee pull-ups, so I can’t fault myself for that one I think.

(3) Even as a complete and total non-runner, I was able to run 10 miles yesterday. I went to the gym and worked out this morning. Am I a little sore? You betcha, but just a little. My knees are a bit swollen and definitely achier than normal, but not nearly as bad as I thought they would be. Even the boy was surprised at how “fine” I feel; he apparently thought I’d be gimping around all day today after that volume of work yesterday. Is a diet free of inflammatory foods helpful? $h*t yeah, I’d say so!

(4) You know what, now I think it wasn’t really that bad of an idea. I think a task like that is a very good way to give yourself a gut check, which is just what I need every once in a while.

(5) F-it. I am now convinced it was a GREAT idea because I am starting a strength program at the beginning of next week and had I attempted to do “Clovis” this weekend with a few other folks at the gym I would have not been as rested and recovered by the start date to get the most out of that training.

What strength program? Fear not, I will expound all about it, in a different post. I’m trying to not write such long posts so I don’t bore people to tears going on and on telling my stories (which are obviously awesome!). I mean I seriously think I could write a whole blog post about moving laundry from the washer to the dryer and all the crazy things that happened when I did that.

Speaking of awesome, I saw a photo of my friend Cheryl training in Colorado on my Facebook feed that was taken as she was working on her FIFTH rope climb with NO FEET. She’s 50. And holy hell do I hope to someday be as badass as that!

(6) Sorry, I thought of another! I guess it technically could be filed as a bad idea because it was AGAIN an A-hole move by me. My friend Sarah was in town and came to the gym with us (although to be fair, I did offer for her to do “Clovis” too which she elected not to do) but the end result was I’m a bad friend for bringing her to the gym and being all ‘see ya in 2 hours.’ At least she knows Ryan and is friendly anyways (plus our class is pretty social). Since Sarah and I were training partners back in the 90s (yowza!) I thought it would be fun for her to meet Rebeccah. Of course we were out of the gym way more than we were in, so they didn’t exactly get to “meet”. So, we all went to dinner last night and they had a great time laughing about what a psycho I am to work out with. Whatevs. I also learned that Rebeccah didn’t know who Eddie Vedder is. I almost crapped my pants. Sarah had to hold me back, especially since she of all people knew how I had a profound love for Eddie back in the day. I was convinced we were going to get married, fo sho!

Does anyone else get this stupid ad on their FB page that has a picture of a dude wearing a beanie with a beard (aka the “beardo”? Who is this d-bag and how can I get him off my page!

OK, so I am long overdue in sharing some awesome recipe links!

It was PURPLE night! Fresh Market had purple sweet potatoes this week. How could I resist that? They are like a million times more fun to eat when they are purple (and I like sweet potatoes anyways!).

Blueberry Maple BBQ Chicken – Yum! Although I had excessive amounts of sauce relative to the amount of chicken. So I’ll cook some more chicken to put the sauce on, no biggie.

Roasted Fall Harvest – I highly recommend making this and serving it to people who claim to “hate” vegetables. I just don’t know how it’s possible when they are ROASTED and sprinkled with cinnamon.

Blueberry breakfast sausage and coconut carrot souffle – Is there anything I won’t put blueberries in? Not likely. This was yummy, we used bison sausage. The coconut carrot souffle…meh.

Caramelized Plantain Pancakes – despite what a psycho I am for plantains I just wasn’t blown away like I thought I would be with these. I even made them a second time in hopes of getting more of a plantain flavor but it just wasn’t there. It could be because I didn’t make the syrup? I hate syrup anyways though so maybe that’s the key piece that gives the plantain flavor.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Apples – Yeah, I freaking love brussels sprouts! This is another great fall dish.

I LOVE vegetables.

Apple & Butternut Squash Hash – It sounds weird, but because of the orange color it almost made me feel like I was eating a cheese-y dish (which was a good thing) and the boy thought so too. In any case, this is extra good when paired with leftover roasted sweet potato salsa.

Blueberry & Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Loaf – I’ve made this twice and both times I’ve used too many blueberries so (just as she warns) it is a bit moist. It still has blueberries and chocolate in it though, so it’s a total win in my book.

Elk Chipotle Chocolate Chili – so I just used beef but this was really, really good. And the boy’s been eating it for breakfast for a while now so he dug it too. Don’t freak out, it doesn’t taste like chocolate. But the chocolate in it gives it a slightly different flavor than regular old chili.

My sister is coming for the weekend and I am crossing my fingers that she has a package of plantain chips with her. I didn’t ask her to bring any, so it will be super awesome if she shows up with them. Although it means I will have plantain chip overload. I seriously have an issue with them, like ZERO self control. It’s so dumb. Especially because my friend Stephanie showed me where I could find them at Publix here (although they aren’t as good, they are still pretty freaking good). Yesterday I kept trying to convince Sarah or the boy to “want” a few plantain chips so I could open the bag, but they weren’t interested. And God forbid I open the bag by myself. That’s just a disaster waiting to happen.

Good lord, what is wrong with me? I cannot stop writing. I had THREE cups of coffee this morning, which is a world record. It’s because I bought a bag of Caribou coffee that I *almost* think tastes good. Must be because it’s from Minnesota!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Is there a Trader Joe’s by you? Because the coffee from there is WAY better than Caribou and cheaper. We drink the Columbia Supremo – it’s smooth and not incredibly bitter.

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