On being an A-hole

October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Halloween pumpkin!

My pumpkin this year. It rotted and got moldy within 2 days. Yay for the dirty south!

So let’s talk about candy. It IS Halloween after all!

Growing up with five siblings there were always mass quantities of candy in the house post-Halloween. Trades were made in the first few days to stockpile all of your favorites before candy started to get flat-out stolen. You had to really HIDE the good stuff, and I had no problem stealing from any of my siblings when it came to candy (including Easter)! Is that weird? I don’t think so.

And of course there was that junk candy no-one would eat. What WERE those things wrapped in the orange and black paper? Peanut butter? Caramel? They were so gross. I wonder if they still make them.

Or there was one called a “Payday” which is the stupidest candy bar ever because there is no chocolate in it. I would try to give these suckers away for something that was edible at least! I would always lament getting one, wondering “who would even BUY these” … but *now* I get it. I would buy and give them out to trick-or-treaters just so I wouldn’t eat them before, during or after the holiday.

But I don’t, because I am an A-hole.

I actually have lots of things to confess about being an A-hole lately, the first of which is the denial of any candy (or treat, actually) at this house tonight. I’m lame. And honestly, I want to watch Sons of Anarchy instead of handing out candy to booger eaters. What? Sons of Anarchy was on last night? Thanks, I know. I just happen to live in the WORST time zone ever, which means it doesn’t come on until 10 p.m. which is waayyyy too late for me.

Secondly: I didn’t even ask Rebeccah if she wanted to do 5 rounds this morning in our workout. I just assumed that if you can do 95 lb thrusters like she can she would want to, and kept going. Ha! Good thing she’s the best partner ever and was totally game. Bad news: I only have a few more weeks of working out with her before she MOVES AWAY. I’m trying not to think about it.

Thirdly: We played dodgeball this morning, too. Heh. Some folks were accidentally hit in the head by moi. Only one of which I feel bad about because I made Ben BLEED! I’m such an A-hole. I was totally not aiming for him BTW, I was going for another sucker who dodged and Ben was the unwitting victim. I felt pretty bad, and still do even though he said it was OK because it was me. (I think that means it is not unexpected behavior???)

Fourthly: I am still laughing every time I think of how Scott took Jessica’s legs out from under her in dodgeball. She legitimately kind of hurt her shoulder, but I am such an A-hole that every time I think of how mean our class was in dodgeball I can’t stop laughing. We were not messing around. That’s what the 7:30 class deserves after requiring us to do 100 double unders every day for a month!

Fifthly: The boy and I both LOVE to eat brussel sprouts cooked with blueberries (adapted from this recipe). I want to hoard all the leftovers, but that sneaky SOB will root them out in the back of the fridge. I only got away with it one day this week before now splitting them into separate containers. (If I don’t, he will be the A-hole who eats them all!) Despite being from a family of six I just don’t share well!

Sixthly: It was about 45 degrees this morning when we went to the gym, which to some people here in the dirty south is FREEZING. So since it is Halloween I legit considered dressing up in my ice climbing puffies, hats, etc. and then walking in and saying I was “dressed as a southerner”. Not too A-hole, right? Until you tell some southerners who are freezing the joke. Hahaha man they are as big of sissies about the cold as I am about the heat! (By the way: I nixed the idea when I thought Jen might make me workout with all of those layers on which would cause me to melt!)

Wow, that’s a lot of stuff to have happen before 8 a.m.! I’m not always an A-hole though, (I’m sure some would beg to differ); I’ve actually done a few nice things this week including feeding a new homeless kitten that hangs around the house. She’s still very young and super friendly. We’ve named her “Mittens”.


Mittens being cute and sweet. She’s a little squeaker and quite the climber!

I wonder if Mittens belongs to someone. She’s just so young. She has some decent outdoor skills though, I see her spending lots of time in the trees which is good because two cats I used to feed were both eaten by dogs. Seriously, one in my front yard. It was not nice.

You know what else was not nice? My toenail falling off the other night! I actually think it was scarier than anything. I had no idea it was totally detaching itself and I freaked out and called the boy in for closer inspection. Of course he was so grossed out and wanted nothing to do with it! Long story short, the whole toenail just came clean off. It doesn’t look as weird as you’d think (maybe that’s just because it was orange-stained underneath before?) and there is already some new nail growing in. Thank goodness it didn’t happen before or during our crack climbing trip, that would have been HORRIBLE.

Speaking of climbing, I’m just a few weeks away from Bozeman! So psyched!!!! Some of my girlfriends are super lucky ducks and have already been out climbing this season. I feel like I should bring some ice tools to the gym and start hanging on them or something.

So, what new exciting recipes have I tried?

– Have I mentioned on here that I am now making my own almond butter? It’s weird how I feel like I have legitimately “accomplished” something when I do so, as if I am a pioneer woman churning butter for hours not running a food processor for 10 minutes (although you do sometimes have to scrape down the inner walls!). Anyways, since my favorite almond butter has been recalled because of a peanut infestation (or something) I was forced to do it myself. And I kind of think it tastes bomb because I alone control the salt content, which is heavy if we are being honest here.

Elk Chipotle Chocolate Chili – since I haven’t found any “local” elk here, I used ground beef instead. This is surprisingly good. Or not surprising considering it also has chocolate in it.

Carmelized Plantain Pancakes – I really, really wanted these to taste like plantains but they didn’t really. It was just kind of a paleo pancake. I am going to try them again and up the plantain dosage though. Since I am a bona fide addict I may be less sensitive to the taste? Or that I didn’t make the syrup with plantains? I just don’t do syrup though, yuck!

Mint Dark Chocolate Chip Ice Cream – Rebeccah brought over her ice cream maker last weekend so we could make this. Yum! Even without the green food coloring. It makes me want an ice cream maker even though I definitely do not NEED an ice cream maker if you know what I mean.

So, big news is that I DID pass my CrossFit Level 1 test! Super stoked on that!!! I’ve been assisting at some of the afternoon classes at CrossFit Hyperformance which has been super fun because the women in those classes are BOSS. They seriously have such GREAT attitudes. It’s kind of refreshing and really nice to meet the after-nooners!

Finally, I thought my arm was totally healed from my Supercrack “Creek” rash. It is essentially now just a purple blotch of skin on my arm. However, today after the workout I noticed that it is now blistering underneath. What is that all about?!?! Sometimes I feel like a science experiment.



  1. My dad is a huge Payday fan. I never really understood it either. I think it stems from his love of peanuts. Loves anything with peanuts.

    Glad you’re enjoying your almond butter – it’s really good served warm, atop homemade vanilla bean or chocolate ice-cream. (in case you cave and get the ice-cream maker).

    I was raised in the South and would have cracked up at your costume by the way. 🙂

    • Thanks, Heather! BTW, best blog ever on the making of nut butter; I tell everyone to check it out just for the photos of the process!

  2. I cannot believe you STOLE my CANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!! BISH!

  3. Cute ~ cute article. Thanks so much for sharing my Dark Choco Mint Chip Ice Cream ~ I’m gald you enjoyed. If you don’t have an ice-cream maker by Christmas, let me know!! 🙂

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