Pull-up carnage & paleo camping plans

October 2, 2012

Today was one of those days where I had to shower with latex gloves on.

Why? Because I ripped holes in my hands doing pull-ups this morning, which I almost ALWAYS do if we have workouts with more than 50 pull-ups. But hey, I’ve actually made progress because it used to be blood and carnage after 30 pull-ups. Today I got to almost 65 before blood started dripping from the pull-up bar.

I really hate doing tons of pull-ups in a workout and I think that at this stage, it is almost that I have a bigger mental block than anything.

For example: my gym often dictates when we have to do strict pull-ups or strict chin-ups. And I don’t mind those days AT ALL even though I can only do a few strict pull-ups or chin-ups in a row and have to take lots of breaks to shake out. Why is this not a problem? Because I have NEVER RIPPED on a strict pull-up. It’s that damn kipping that gets me every time.

And let’s be honest: I just SUCK at kipping. My poor coach Jen has been working with me on it for hmmm, let’s see… *literally* years now. She always tries to give me feedback during a workout and I’m always grumpy because “I HATE PULL-UPS AND MY HANDS ARE RIPPING DAMNIT!”

Typical post pull-up scene after blood is washed off.

The thing that is funny about it is Jen worked with me a long time to get me to stop doing this thing with my legs that was apparently screwing up the whole movement, which I saw on a huge photo that is featured on a poster in the gym. When I saw the new poster I asked “Isn’t this what you have been trying to get me NOT to do?” “Yes.” hahaha, good to know I’m not the only one.

So, when I came home from today’s workout, grumpy as hell because I had lots of packing and cooking to do wearing latex gloves now, I talked to the boy about how I suck at pull-ups. And as I talked about it I realized that I work in very small sets regardless because I am so obsessed with my hands ripping that I keep coming off the bar to look at them and apply more chalk. What is the solution? Go to a shrink to get over my mental hurdle with pull-ups and ripping? Just hang on to the dang bar? I don’t know. It’s frustrating! And that doesn’t even begin to address how much I hate pull-ups AFTER I have ripped off a big wad of flesh and I still have __ reps to go.

And I know everyone has their special method that they swear by. I used to try taping BEFORE doing pull-ups, but I still ripped anyways, and find it to be much harder to hold onto the bar. So I just rip and bleed all over the place. Whatevs. I use a Clorox wipe afterwards so don’t worry. I try to NOT use the taped bars because they seem to create too much friction with a kip, but get out of my way when I am doing a strict pull-up because THEN the tape is my best friend.

Which reminds me. I was an A-hole in the gym AGAIN today. I totally had to yell at someone to get away from MY pull-up bar. Doesn’t he know that the 20″ box with the sweat towel on it off to the side of the bar is my equivalent of “peeing” on it?!?! Geez. I’m always such an A-hole when someone tries to get on my stuff. I don’t mean to be, but in the middle of a workout I don’t have the energy to be nice. Sorry. A week or two ago someone had the nerve to use MY medicine ball for wall balls. Hello? There are a million of them, get your own! I didn’t bring this one over here to be of public use. Yeah, I am an A-hole, no doubt.

This was a *fun* line that I would do again in a heartbeat – “Blue Sun” at Way Rambo Wall, Indian Creek.

Sooooo we are just days away from our climbing trip to the desert! Which makes ripped hands all the more awesome! Yeah, well maybe this Climb On! bar I bought will be like a magic balm and heal them up all good & proper. I have a whole paleo-friendly meal plan worked out. Let’s hope I just don’t F up the storage of our food supplies, as I have been known to do in the desert (did you know fresh carrots will freeze when placed next to dry ice? Then that they will turn into mush when they de-thaw? Fact. As will lots of other fresh veggies, just so you know.). Curious about what we will be eating? Well, let me tell you!

Breakfast: Paleo banana bread & scrambled eggs with U.S. Wellness Meats nitrate- and sugar-free sausage

Lunch: A variety of U.S. Wellness Meats nitrate- and sugar-free jerky (beef & turkey!), carrots, almond butter, Lara bars.

Dinner: Chicken in a bag that will be made into chicken salad (with avocados as the “mayo” paste (which is totally fine with me since I think mayo is DISGUSTING)), chicken and egg scramble with veggies, chicken fajitas (minus the fajita, obviously!).

Desert/Snacks: Fruit, paleo granola (recipe below) & some other paleo-friendly goodies I bought online from U.S. Wellness Meats. (I have not tried any of these items I bought from U.S. Wellness Meats, so I will be sure to give a full review when we get back!)

I also bought this super-cool made for camping spice rack which should significantly aid in the eating of the chicken in a bag. As will the bevy of fresh veggies we will be buying once we get into town. I will also have the luxury of drinking my coffee with coconut milk since we are going to be car camping, yeehaw! Of course, I can’t fathom a climbing trip that does not involve drinking after a long day of climbing, so I’m sure I will be having a little wine each night, don’t you worry! I hope my body will be happy with this food plan and I don’t have a repeat of this week!

OK, so here are a few things I tried out this past week:

Pumpkin Granola (since we are doing the Whole Life Challenge and maple syrup is a no-no, I used a combination of almond and coconut butter instead. Since I have no idea what it tastes like *with* maple syrup, I have to say I’m very pleased with how this turned out. Also, your house will smell like HEAVEN when this is cooking!)

Pumpkin granola with coconut milk and fresh raspberries was a delightful Saturday morning treat!

Garlic Chicken Butternut Squash Lasagna (this was super tasty, although I’d recommend making a TON more sauce because it was so yummy I wanted to eat it up. I used fresh basil, and quite a bit since I had a lot to eat up, and it was garlicky good!)

And I think that’s it for new stuff! I have been happily eating up leftovers and making a few repeat favorites like the peaches & pork chops, sweet potato chili fries and chicken, plantain and mango a few more times as well! Every time I hear someone complain about how eating paleo is too boring or too hard I want to scream at them to go to PaleOMG where your taste buds will find sheer joy in her recipes!

I apologize for being a bit all over the place, but I’m so excited to go climb cracks AND just signed on to go to Bozeman for the ice fest in December and I couldn’t be MORE EXCITED ABOUT THAT (even if I do have ripped hands). So many of my girlfriends will be out there, not to mention the fact that we will be ICE CLIMBING! Eeeeeeeeee!!!


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