The trouble with sizes

August 8, 2012

I want to start out by congratulating my mom & sister for wrapping up a successful Whole30 challenge yesterday! I am glad that both of them decided to see for themselves how a clean, paleo diet would affect their energy levels, sleep, cravings, fitness, eating habits and more.  I am especially proud of my mom for doing this because in the 35 years I’ve known her, spending time in the kitchen has never been something she particularly enjoyed. And as many know, you have to commit to spending a fair amount of time in there cooking to get good, tasty food on a paleo program. She’s really branched out and is even buying new gadgets – food processors, dehydrators, cast-iron skillets – and putting them to good use! Not only that, but she’s really committed to continuing down the paleo path for the long haul. Go mom!!!

In other news, the boy returned from his overseas trip last week at about the same weight he did when he left, which was about 15 lbs. lighter than before he “started”. He left after about 3 weeks of eating paleo. Since his return he’s had – literally – more than a dozen people at work ask him how much weight he’s lost and comment that he’s looking much thinner. So of course this leads him to ask me “Was I really that much of a fat ass?” And I’d say not. And I think those that know him would say definitely not. But he has without question dropped fat from all over, most noticeably in the face and neck which is where Whole30 predicts the most immediate and noticeable changes. He did his best to continue eating clean while overseas, which was a challenge at times due to work schedule and military dining facilities, but he made it work!

Eating a steak hash recipe from PaleOMG along with eggs, kale, brussel sprout & bacon salad and sweet potato and poblano salad is one of the benefits to being home, according to the boy.

Not only that, but he inspired several other guys to try a paleo way of eating while overseas as well! In only 30 days several reportedly lost inches around their waist as their belt buckles had to go on several notches tighter, as does his now too. I’m still in awe that this boy – who was so steadfastly against trying out this way of eating – has had such good results in his health and fitness that he is now convincing others to give it a shot! In fact, he even offered to do a guest post on this blog so you can anxiously look for that soon.

Kale, Brussel Sprout & Bacon salad. Oh yes!

Speaking of pants and fitting I am having the same issue with my formerly fitting or too-tight pants being too big. Wah, wah, wah – I know. But who wants to go shopping? Not me! I absolutely hate it. I just hate spending money on clothing unless I know it fits right and will be a good investment piece, which is exactly why I don’t want to start buying clothing one size down since I don’t *really* know where my body is going to end up. This whole journey has been such a process: dropping fat immediately followed by putting muscle on (yay!). I’m psyched about it and because I have upped my protein intake so significantly and have been working hard training this summer I am really starting to make noticeable strength gains which is EXACTLY what I was hoping for! (Also, for those who are curious, scale-wise I am still 15-16 lbs. lighter than when I started 2 months ago and a full dress size smaller.)

But anyways, the pants. Since it’s summer in the dirty south I basically only wear shorts. Most I can still get away with wearing except they are longer now. Why? Because they are riding so low. I’m gangsta like that! However, we have a BIG trip to the Bugaboos coming up that I needed climbing pants for. I hemmed and hawed for so long agonizing about whether to invest the significant $$ that goes into climbing pants for which size? And after going in for a size down they still may not even get here in time because they are on backorder. Le sigh. Not sure what I’m going to wear then, but I’ll worry about that when the time comes I suppose!

Speaking of the Bugaboos, the massive hunk of flesh I sliced off with the mandolin this past Saturday is not awesome for climbing. See for yourself how I went from having a round fingertip to a flat one.

Not awesome.

Yeah, does not feel awesome. I am hoping and praying that this sucker will be healed in time for climbing. Lesson learned: use that stupid safety thing. I will be tonight when I make sweet potato enchiladas!!! This is one of the more recent recipes I’ve made that was DELISH. Here are a few others you might enjoy – as I have – too:

Barbacoa (Made with a shoulder roast from our cow! This dish was too hot for the boy, so the leftovers are allllll mine!)
Slow Cooker Korean Grass Fed Short Ribs (Holy cow, words cannot describe how tasty this was! The recipe finally got me off my butt and to the hippie store to get the coconut aminos I’ve had on my list for the past 2 months.)
Brussel Sprout, Kale and Bacon Salad (Don’t question it, just do it. Sooooo good!)
Sweet Potato, Kale and Chicken Patties (Made a big batch for lunch over the weekend and the boy has been enjoying leftovers this week too.)
Steak Hash with Red Pepper Avocado Spread (A very quick and easy meal that was excellent. Gives the boy and I an easy fix for some of our 100+ lbs. of cow meat to eat!)
Sugar Detox Carrot Cake Pudding (This really does taste like carrot cake. However, I am a sucker for anything with almond butter in it. But whatever the case may be, the texture and taste are really good here!)
Sugar Detox Pumpkin Cake in a Mug with Chocolate Whip (I added a bit of honey to the chocolate whip because I thought it was too bitter, but the cake was wonderful! It was actually quite a bit of cake so don’t make/serve unless you’ve got a decent appetite for chowing down!)

Carrot cake pudding. SO tasty!

My training has been going well. I’ve been having so much fun rowing this summer that I am starting to kick around the idea of going to C.R.A.S.H.-B Sprints in February to compete in a world-wide 2K erg race. To be competitive in my 30-39 age group I’d need to shave some significant time off my 2K – at least 20 seconds (more would be better, obviously!). 2Ks are my very least favorite distance to row. Probably because I find them to be so painful. It’s the longest ‘sprint’ distance in my opinion. And I’m just not a born sprinter. I have the strength to endure the longer pieces (like my last 5K which I rowed at a sub-2:00/500m pace!!!) but sprints are totally my Achilles heel. Maybe that means I should train them. Hmmmm… there’s also that whole ice climbing thing that is happening in February too. In any case, how awesome is it that I’m now ‘healthy’ enough in all my joints – which are deliriously un-inflamed – that I can consider these sorts of training programs now. Woohoo!!!

100+ lbs. of fresh cow meat in my freezer which is great for getting me to try lots of new recipes. More on my 1/4 cow purchase coming soon!

Lastly – I want to know if you have a sweet potato oven-baked chip recipe you’ve found that has worked? Please leave me a link! I have tried several different iterations of making these and while no sweet potato has gone to waste, I’d really like to find out what the trick is to getting the chips actually crispy!


  1. The boy was def. no fat ass! And neither were you! And, yes please use the guard on the mandoline!

  2. The trick to sweet potato chips is cooking them at a low temp for a long period of time. Watch for the edges to start to curl up and then hit broil for 5mins maybe? Depends on your oven. Then let them cool that’s when they really crisp up!

    I do think that the mandoline slicer needs to slice them a bit thinner but I’ve been able to manipulate that by not pressing as hard when I run it over the blade.

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