Clean eating experiment continues

June 13, 2012

Here I am, day 13 of the Whole Nine 30-day clean eating challenge, and I’m happy to report it’s been going quite well. I have not given in to any sort of temptation, and have stayed 100% clean so far. Well, let’s just say that I have to my knowledge stayed 100% clean so far because, in reality, when you eat out and order a salad that comes with walnuts and you think they are just plain walnuts, but one bite tells you they aren’t – well, I’m not counting that as cheating since I didn’t eat any others and pushed them off the plate as quickly as possible 🙂

My take-away from this experiment is to really do your best in reading labels because things that may appear to be “clean” often may have a hidden ingredient like sugar, or some other ‘natural’ sweetener which, for this month are strictly verboten.

My cravings for dairy have been dying down. For months I’d been indulging in a small glass of chocolate milk post-workout, so re-training my brain to not expect that took about a week. And really, re-training the brain is what this experience seems to be more so than the physical eating. I have also noticed a distinct difference in the amount of food I’m consuming, I’m much more mindful of fullness (and as it approaches) as well as hunger – or the often ignored ‘I’m thirsty!’ call from my body. Speaking of thirsty, I’ve been extra-thirsty this entire time, probably because salt is my best friend and really makes ground turkey taste better. Good thing I’ve got low blood pressure so I don’t have to worry about that!

Ahhh, milk. Thankfully my craving for this has mostly subsided, that is until I looked up this picture on my phone!

In other news, after 11 days of fighting it tooth and nail, the boy has decided to somewhat get on board with the clean eating plan. He is finishing off the supply of milk with no plans to buy more in the near future, and is cutting out sugars to the best of his ability. While he is not going as strict as I am for the 30-day challenge, it’s nice not to have to listen to his diatribes about how worthless or stupid this eating plan is. I am glad he is joining me in eating clean though, since we have somewhat of a challenge to face this weekend as we go climbing and camping in North Carolina. I’ve made a list of potential food sources for us to stay fueled up that includes:

  • hard boiled eggs
  • carrots
  • avocado
  • nuts & coconut flakes
  • cucumber
  • peppers
  • deli meat
  • Lara bars
  • fruit
  • leftovers on ice!

Having a plan seems to be really critical in staying clean, so with that in mind, I plan to be carefully prepared. It will be a HUGE change from my normal climbing ‘diet’ which at times involves ‘sending Tootsies’ for a quick hit of sugar. Not having those little buggers in my bullet pack should help keep the cravings at bay 😉 Is there anything else obvious I can add to the list?

As far as at-home food goes, a friend from the gym lent me some Paleo cookbooks over the weekend, so we tried out quite a few new things that were all rather delicious. Just last night I made my first-ever spaghetti squash which I topped with a homemade pesto sauce, lots of fresh tomatoes and some walnuts. I have leftovers of this for DAYS. I would’ve taken a picture but it isn’t that spectacular to look at. Actually, I am surprised at how green the squash noodles turned! It almost felt like a Dr. Seuss moment. The only real ‘bust’ was this broccoli and turkey hash that was not so tasty due to three things. (1) Use of oregano in cooking the meat. I do not really care for oregano and should have known better when I followed the recipe! (2) The broccoli was just a wee bit undercooked (as advised) but to the point where it was almost too dry to chew without a big glass of water. (3) It was all white-meat ground turkey which in my opinion is not the greatest. I find it to be rather dry and unappealing. So now when I know I’m needing some ground turkey meat from the deli, I may buy it a day or two ahead of time just because it’s in stock.

Ground turkey and broccoli hash

Finally, I’ve been breaking the “don’t weigh yourself” rule on a daily basis, and am 10 lbs. lighter than I was 13 days ago. I’m amazed at how much water weight flushed out of my system, it will be interesting to see where my weight ends up if I continue on this path, trying to help my body find a new balance.

Over the weekend I had a few dreams where I was out at a party and without even thinking or paying attention ate something that was not ‘clean’ (usually a tortilla or pita chip!). How funny is that?



  1. I have DEFINITELY also dreamed about accidentally eating something not clean. It’s happened during both of my Whole30s, actually.

    • It could happen so easily at a party if you’re standing near the food table and just grab a handful of ___________! June was a very social month for me so I had to be extra mindful of my eating at get-togethers, which was also a good lesson to learn!

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