0-75 F

May 24, 2011

Today, the air outside feels like an oven, and it’s “only” 97 degrees and still climbing.

Well, maybe a sauna, since it is the deep (wet) south and throughout the summer months every morning wakeup is greeted by 100% humidity. Yes, that’s right, 100% in the form of a dense, stuffy, smelly fog.

I’ve spent too many summers in the south, and am already in the throes of yet another. I try not to, but all I want to do is complain relentlessly about the heat. Why? Because I absolutely detest it and how it affects me. I am just flat out cranky when it’s hot, and it won’t NOT be hot again until at least November.

Last summer I thought I was going to die it was so hot, and tried really hard to find a summer job in Alaska. I thought I was pretty close to getting picked up for a job on Kodiak Island but it fell through and here I am, sweating it out.

The other night at dinner I was asking my companions how people actually LIVE here – as in choose to live in the south. (For us, it wasn’t a choice. The Army sent us here.) They went on and on about how they enjoy the heat and really like to sweat. (Personally, I don’t like having to shower 2-3x/day and changing clothes just as often.)

The talk that evening made me think about my comfort zone.

What is my comfort zone? It is the range of temperatures in which I can go outside and do any number of activities. And for me that zone ranges from about 0-75 degrees F. Depending on the activity it can easily go below zero, especially considering the plethora of technical clothing and gear available to keep warm these days. But, much above 75, or 80, it starts feeling miserable – like work – not fun. Unfortunately, here it won’t get below 75 degrees (even at night) for at least four more months.

So what does that mean to me? Will I still go outside to play? Yes. In fact, I will be biking later this afternoon, sweating it out and cursing at the weather the entire way. It just means I would much rather live in a cold environment than a hot one. There are so many things you can do to warm up when cold, but very little you can do to cool of when hot (aside from not moving and being a complete sloth). I like to be outside playing and it is just hard for me to do here. It’s as if I have to force myself to do so, especially when it is this hot. It means no matter what when WE get to choose where we will live (please, someday!) it will be far, far away from here and as far north as we can stand!


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  1. Hang in there! Try to find some positive in the heat if possible!

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