Efficiency comes through winning the head game

January 12, 2011

Chicks with Picks was the first time I got “proper” instruction on how to ice climb and let me tell you, it made a WORLD of difference in the effort/output it took me to top out a climb.

I had only recently begun to realize, in my early 30s, how important it is to learn efficiency. It’s a word I use a lot because I now know there is a TON of value in learning to do things efficiently. This lesson was really drilled home a couple of years ago when the boy and I did some alpine climbing in Patagonia. Since then I’ve looked for efficiency in many places, and have found there is a lot of value in learning to do things more efficiently – whether it is skiing, CrossFit, kayaking or biking – even if it costs a little time and money to learn how to do so.

In any case, I just pulled out my Chicks with Picks feedback form from Caroline George and am struck by how, in only a few days, she was able to see right into my headgame.

Here are just a few – good and bad:
– “Don’t be so hard on yourself…”
– “Don’t let standards you have set for yourself bring you down…”
– “Boundless desire to improve and be great! It’s awesome!”
– “Climbs efficiently when not stressed out. Do more of that!”

Really? Wow, that’s impressive 🙂 but in all seriousness, the takeaway for me is to just have fun and not set standards for myself that if I don’t meet, I think I totally suck. For me this means, “don’t think that if you have to weight the rope or take a fall that you are a horrible climber and a complete embarrassment and should never climb again.”

So heading to Ouray for this season’s Chicks with Picks clinics where am I at? I’m working my way through an elbow injury – tendinitis to be exact that is bad in the right and touch-and-go in the left. I’ve been undergoing acupuncture (which is really working well) to help alleviate the problem. Is it going to be acting up when climbing? I guess we’ll see. So I need to not worry about whether the elbow is going to hold me back. One of the greatest things about us Chicks is that we can totally climb with one arm 🙂 so the biggest obstacle I still need to face is all in my head, and that’s one I know I can conquer.


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