The worst that can happen is nothing

December 29, 2010

So today I’m having a lot of fun expanding my network of contacts in the outdoor industry.

It entails spending a lot of time hemming and hawing over e-mails to folks I am being introduced to.

Why? Because they are people at organizations I’ve only ever dreamed of working at and I want to make sure I don’t do what I usually do (which is write way too much). Brevity is something I work hard for.

While exchanging e-mails is by no means a direct link to full-time employment (which isn’t my goal anyways), it is fun to really entertain the thought that there is the potential for an opportunity to be part of something bigger, and something that I truly believe in. Something similar to what I am doing at Chicks.

And I think there’s something incredibly satisfying about putting yourself out there. Reaching out for those contacts and connections, pitching ideas, gaining traction, and interaction.

The worst that can happen as a result of my efforts is nothing – which is exactly what happens when you don’t try.

(Photo by ME taken in Puerto Natales, Chile)



  1. Well put!

  2. you make a very good point 🙂

  3. Very inspiring!

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