TweetMeme another addicting Web site

September 2, 2009

tweetmeme-logoThis afternoon I spent some time writing up a brief summary of TweetMeme, one of Sun’s newer clients for later publication on Reviews Interactive. Tweet Meme is a social media company that is quickly becoming one of the most popular Web 2.0 sites in the world. The company uses custom-made software to count the number of links posted on Twitter, which it then organizes into categories on its Web site. Visitors can also cast their own votes by “retweeting” a story through their own Twitter account, which in turn increases a story’s popularity.

While doing the writeup I spent some time exploring the TweetMeme site and was very surprised with what I found. To begin with, it is so easy and simple to navigate the site. Content is broken down into categories that are further divided into subcategories so it is easy to target the current hot topics that are of interest to you.

Secondly, you could break down the statistics by time period, which, for those in marketing, will help assess the longevity or strength of any particular article’s popularity.

Finally, there is so much constantly updated content I could spend hours a day here, getting lost in all the random articles I find interesting. Obviously, this makes it a DANGEROUS site for me, since my favorite sites are the type that are expansive, easily searchable, and most importantly, constantly have something new.

I must admit though, this wasn’t my first introduction to TweetMeme. Some time ago, I noticed the TweetMeme button on one of Sun’s blogs. I maintain two blogs in this forum and was anxious to get the button myself, because it seemed like such a simple way to retweet an interesting article! At one time, I had the button in this blog, thanks to a colleague, Matthias Mueller-Prove. However, when I changed the theme the button went away and I was too shy to beg for Matthias’ help a second time! At that time, I didn’t realize TweetMeme had a Web site where it was aggregating all the content from the buttons in millions of blogs, I just thought it was a convenient way to retweet – which it is!

As many of us know, it isn’t easy for startups to succeed in today’s Web 2.0 world. TweetMeme is a relatively new company – whose product was just introduced this year – that is really leveraging the popularity, and power, of Twitter. It remains to be seen whether Twitter will ever find a way to cash in on its popularity before it starts the downhill slide, which it inevitably will at some point in the future. It’s interesting to see the many companies that have found ways to cash in on Twitter, and TweetMeme is one of them. I can’t help but wonder what type of business model a company like TweetMeme must have, when the product is built based on another, which has an undetermined, yet likely short shelf life, until the next hot thing comes along. I suppose that is the great thing about entrepreneurs though, always one step ahead.

It looks like I am setting myself up for a project though – I would love to set the TweetMeme button up on this WordPress blog, but am completely unable to find a plugins directory. Does anyone know whether you have to pay to have this functionality?


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