Bravo’s answer to DVR and TiVo

August 26, 2009

Whoa, where has the time gone?  It has been a busy summer with school, work, and lots of fun outside in the most beautiful summer Tennessee has seen in a long time.  My sincere apologies for taking such a long break from updating.

Image from Bravo TV

Image from Bravo TV

With my summer classes winding down this week I’ve had the opportunity to watch some TV instead of doing homework all night!  I spent some time catching up on Bravo’s Top Chef and Top Chef Masters over the last week or so, and I think Bravo has come up with its own solution to making sure advertisers are getting their money’s worth in today’s DVR and TiVo age.

Many people, myself included, love to save time by recording a show and fast forwarding through all of the commercials. To an advertiser the dilemma is obvious: no exposure to target audience = money wasted. But, I believe Bravo has found a way around the problem, besides the extreme product placement and sponsor shots that put Brita placement spots on The Biggest Loser to shame.

I found when watching I would fast forward to the commercials and naturally stop as soon as I saw the show pop back up.  However, I kept getting caught stopping for an approximately 3-5 second long clip.  After the clip Bravo would show a very brief commercial of about 10 seconds or so.  This ‘trap’ caught me almost every time, because if I tried to fast forward through the commercial I would go too far into the show and end up rewinding (hard life I live, I know).

I mentioned it to my husband who said he had noticed something similar during the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week episodes he had taped.  So, have the networks and advertisers found a way around the DVR and TiVo lifestyle many have grown accustomed to?  I don’t watch enough TV to know for sure, but am curious to discover if this tactic, following sponsored product placement, is the new advertising trend in TV media.


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