Mesmerized by Zappos

April 8, 2009

zappos_logo1I first came across Zappos several years ago when I was living in Hawaii.  I needed to order shoes for a winter holiday in Europe, and there wasn’t a lot on Oahu to choose from.

It only took one experience with Zappos to make me a loyal customer, because I got the right shoes in the right size and was able to ship everything back and forth (even from Hawaii) for free.

Five years and dozens of shoes later, I can’t tell you how many people I have  sent to Zappos to buy shoes.  It’s something my Mom would have a hard time fathoming, buying something without trying it on (especially shoes)!  But that is what makes Zappos so great, 365 days to return your items, and with no questions.

In the past few weeks I’ve ordered a couple of new pairs of shoes and find that I am still equally satisfied with every single purchase.  What I really like about Zappos (besides how ridiculously fast the shoes materialize on my doorstep) is that they make me feel like a valued customer.

I even follow Zappos’ CEO Tony Hsieh on Twitter, and he posted a fun link the other day that is really fun to look at: http://www.zappos.com/map/#

It is a real-time map showing what people are buying and where in the U.S. they are. It’s sort of mesmerizing, and a fun way to see what is popular in different parts of the country.  It should come as no surprise that Florida loves flip-flops.

I plan to revisit Zappos in the future as a topic on my blog, and how the company culture has helped make Zappos a real breakthrough company that sells more than just shoes. But, for today, just enjoy the map.


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