Concept2 is building more than just ergs

March 25, 2009

ergAs a rower in college, I came to hate the erg, otherwise known as a rowing machine.

It was a tool we used during the winter, or whenever the Hudson was just too formidable during the season. I absolutely dreaded afternoons during the off-season when coach would have us report to the erg room after class for whatever agonizing workout she had come up with.

I remember competing for the best 2,000 and 6,000 meter times with a coxswain screaming in my face while I gasped for air as the chains and fans rattled and echoed in the old racquetball court.

I haven’t rowed on the water for nearly 9 years now. However, about a year ago I purchased an erg for my home, a Concept2 rower. Some may wonder why I would choose to purchase something that had served as an instrument of torture during my college years, and I tell them it’s one of the best ways to get, and stay, in shape.

The decision to purchase my erg from Concept2 was easy; they have a great Web site comparing the different models available, the machines are very reasonably priced, and the shipping was free. However, my interaction with Concept2 did not end when I made my purchase.

The Concept2 Web site is full of motivational and training tools, forums, a logbook, community discussion boards, as well as regular challenges – all-in-all it’s enough to keep me logging in on an almost daily basis.

A Crossfit athlete training on a Concept2 rower.

A CrossFit athlete training on a Concept2 rower.

And, more to the point, it is a smart way for Concept2 to do business. One of the key components a business must effectively manage in their marketing of a product is consumer satisfaction after the purchase. Many people, particularly after making a sizable purchase, experience a sense of regret or uncertainty in their choice. Good companies recognize that fact and help to reduce or negate it altogether through the types of services they continue to provide the consumer after the purchase has been made.

Millions of people purchase fitness equipment every year, and the majority of those end up using it primarily as a storage device. Concept2 has set up a product offering to do everything in their power to ensure that your erg will never get dusty, by providing you the tools to stay engaged with your rower, as well as with other members of the community.

From the beginning I was logged into their Web site. There is a great setup for rowers to log all their workouts, rank and compete in certain distances, and track their overall progress. There are milestones to be reached, and for those who are competitive like I am, people to beat.

But, to me, the best feature is the constant challenges Concept2 puts together. Besides the obvious motivational aspect of the challenges, there are prizes to be won and a lot of pride on the line. And, frankly, the challenges give you a goal to work towards, which in turn inspires motivation and results in more effective training.

You don’t have to own a Concept2 rower to use the Web site. It is open to everyone, and a fair number of those that use the Web site do their workouts on the erg at the gym. Concept2 recognizes that everyone wants to be engaged, as the end-state goals are the same. And, at some point, some of those who have been using the erg at the gym for years may eventually decide to purchase one of their own, and will need little convincing of the value of their purchase.

The number of tools Concept2 provides on their Web site serves to give the company, and its products great word-of-mouth advertising. I know I have personally recommended the rower, and the Web site for those that don’t own the rower, to dozens of people since I got it. And let me just say that I have never regretted the purchase of my erg, not even during those agonizing early-morning rows.


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