Netflix connects with Facebook

March 24, 2009

netflix-logoToday, Netflix announced a partnership with Facebook designed to integrate a Netflix account holder’s personal movie ratings into their Facebook profile as a means to enable members to share their movie reviews and recommendations with friends.

Despite the millions of dollars movie studios spend on marketing their big-budget flicks they are sure will be, or should be hits, a movie’s success is generally the result of recommendations, which, to a large extent are heavily influenced by word of mouth.

Consider the runaway underground success of Slumdog Millionaire, which almost wasn’t even released in theaters in the U.S. A near straight-to-DVD, it ended up bringing millions of movie goers into the theaters and eventually took home the top prize at the Academy Awards.

Netflix has seen its fair share of press lately, and it has mostly been positive. Netflix has been growing in leaps and bounds, aided by the downturn in the economy as more people are opting to stay in and watch a movie instead of going out. Their market-leading move in not only making movies convenient to rent, but available to rent instantaneously in no small part has helped them capture a huge section of the movie rental market. And now, with the partnership with Facebook, they are finding yet another way to get their name in the mix of more than 175 million Facebook users, and will undoubtedly pick up countless more members along the way.

Now, everyone will know that I loved this movie.

Now, everyone will know that I loved this movie.

The Facebook application allows you to instantaneously update your friends with your movie recommendations, and is pulled directly from your input on the Netflix Web site. The ratings post to your wall, and are viewable by your friends on the news feed. Your friends can add their comments to your ratings posts, and, as an added bonus, from your rating, your Facebook friends can directly add the movie to their own Netflix queue.

There is a decent degree of control with the Facebook application, from limiting what your friends see, to being prompted before publishing to having the ratings post in a variety of line-count sizes. And, of course, you can opt out of the app at any time.

Personally, I am not a big fan of Netflix’s main Web site. I have never been satisfied with my ability to surf through the library, something I wished was more Amazon.com-like, and generally don’t like the automatically-generated “Movies You’ll Love” results that end up in my account. So, for me to easily access not only my friends’ movie opinions, but to be able to directly add them to my queue is really a valuable tool.

Netflix, once again, seems to be a step ahead of the crowd with this application. My opinion is in no small part influenced by the fact that I almost solely rent movies based on friends’ recommendations. I have learned that listening to a critic, or even watching the studio’s own trailer often fail to be good measures as to whether or not I will like a movie. And, I don’t think my attitude in that regard is unique. Now, I will just have to accept the fact that all of my friends will know that I absolutely love stupid comedies.


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  1. Wow, that’s pretty sweet! I, like you, rent movies based off reccomendations. Now I have to make sure I check out “Step Brothers”!

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