‘This is My Truck,’ what about yours?

March 23, 2009

ladder-51The other day I saw a Chevrolet commercial on TV that showed small vignettes of several men and their Chevrolet Silverado trucks. They each told their personal story of the use and durability of their truck. One of the trucks had more than 2,000,000 miles on it and was more than 30 years old, while another had an exterior that had melted from the heat of a fire when Ladder 5 responded to the tragedy of the towers on 9/11, but still ran perfectly fine.

I was struck by how odd a commercial like this was. Sure, the point of the message was to show how long-lasting and reliable Chevy trucks can be, but showing beat-up trucks with mismatched panels and rust on them isn’t usually the way companies advertise their product.

However, as someone who purchases a car to run until it absolutely dies, I can appreciate the message. In general, our society today is constantly trading in and trading up – that is until very recently with the start of the recession. Suddenly, people started to realize that maybe they didn’t need a new cell phone, since there is nothing wrong with the one they already have.

chevy-silveradoAnd the whole point of the commercial is that if you buy a Chevy Silverado, you buy it for it’s durability; you buy it for life. I thought that it was a very well-timed and well-executed concept, that really speaks to the general population that, as a whole, is more thrifty than it was just a mere 6 months ago. But then, when doing some research on the Internet, I discovered that the commercial had originally been developed for, and aired during the 2008 Olympics.

The fact that the commercial was “recycled” so to speak, didn’t surprise or bother me. What else can the beleaguered GM do at this point? It’s easy to recognize the fact that GM saw the value in not just reusing the commercial, but was aware that it’s message is more timely than ever.

Looking for more, I went to the official Chevrolet Web site to track down more content in the same vein as the commercial. I was disappointed to not find anything. After all, what better way to reuse a commercial than to provide a forum for other proud Chevy owners to give the history and story of their truck? Another quick search through various social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace also turned up nothing.

As a consumer, I would appreciate a forum dedicated to people talking about their experience with a high-dollar item, such as a truck, that I am considering shelling out tens of thousands of dollars for. And I think particularly in today’s economy, GM could truly benefit by adding an online and interactive element to the concept they started with the “This is My Truck” commercial.



  1. 1993 GMC 1/2 ton, 172,000 miles and runs like a champ. No plans to replace it anytime soon. There must be a some Chevy Truck clubs and forums out on the internet with stories on them.

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