Survey shows social media spending on the rise

March 16, 2009

teens_lgMarketing is a critical element to bringing revenue into a company.  Because the sour economic environment is forcing personnel and budgetary cutbacks in many industries, today’s marketers are being challenged to find more effective and efficient ways to reach their audiences, which for many is on the Internet.

Here is a link to an article I came across that shows that despite the recession, more companies are investing more marketing dollars into online social media outlets.


The survey was conducted by Forester Research, and it reports that over 50% plan to even further increase their spending on social media in the coming months.

I truly believe that social media has the potential to be not only a powerful marketing tool, if properly managed, but an extremely cost-effective one.  Many companies are starting to realize the power of the Web and are dedicating marketing managers and strategists to properly handle all online resources.

However, if companies are going to continue to investigate and invest in this form of marketing, instruments to measure its effectiveness need to be put in place.  If not, companies run the risk of not seeing the true returns of their online efforts and not using those results in their strategic plans.


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