Kashi is tasty? Yes!

March 14, 2009

kashi_logoMy older brother is a pretty healthy eater. One Thanksgiving when I was stationed in Georgia and short of enough cash for a plane ticket to Minnesota, I decided to go to my brother’s house in North Carolina for the holiday. The food was great because my sister-in-law is an excellent cook, so even though it was a healthy Thanksgiving, it was a tasty Thanksgiving. I went to bed happy and full.


The twig cereal is still a favorite of my brother.

Then I awoke on Black Friday. The only cereal they had in the house was a brand I had never heard of, called Kashi. I poured myself a bowl and started to eat it. I didn’t even come close to finishing it. It was the worst cereal I had ever tasted. There were actual twigs in the bowl!

I voiced my distaste to my brother and was more than surprised when I found out that not only did he eat this cereal every day, but absolutely loved it. I am a relatively healthy eater myself, not to the degree of my brother, but my favorite cereal is Wheat Chex, which some may claim is distasteful with such a vengeance as mine for the Kashi twigs that Black Friday. From that point forward the Kashi brand was burned into my brain as something that was way too far out for me on the spectrum of healthy foods.

I tried Kashi only once over the ensuing eight years; I was dieting and trying to lose weight and bought a cereal that didn’t have twigs in it. I wasn’t crazy about it so I didn’t buy it again.

Then, several months ago while shopping at Wal-Mart I was handed a substantial pamphlet of information on Kashi. I stuck it in my shopping bags and looked at it when I got home. I was surprised to see that Kashi not only made cereal, but bars, crackers, and a wide range of frozen foods. The pamphlet was full of nutritional information on different foods, pictures, testimonials, ingredient lists, and recipe suggestions.

I looked at the pamphlet several times over the next couple of weeks before I decided to try some of the new offerings. During that time I visited the Kashi Web site, which is a virtual treasure trove of information on all of their products. There were hundreds of recipes, discussion forums, wellness challenges,and even an opportunity to win a free year’s supply of Kashi products. In short, there was enough information to convince me, someone who was still horribly scarred, to actually try the brand again.

pestoWe started with a couple of frozen meals for lunch. They were (surprisingly, I still felt) very good. Then we tried a new type of Kashi cereal. It wasn’t just good, it was delicious. Then I got absolutely hooked on their line of TLC crackers. What had happened?

Kashi was making tasty, healthy food. For me, the key word being tasty.

But really, how did Kashi get me to try their food again after I had sworn them off more than eight years ago? It started with the huge brochure I was given at Wal-Mart, but it ended with their Web site. On the Web site was a coupon for a free entrée. So even someone as wary as I was could easily try the brand without worrying about losing my money.

That $3 investment Kashi made in me has resulted in regular weekly purchases of several of their products. A pretty good payoff I believe, and just one tactic companies could stand to profit from greatly particularly during this economic downturn. The most valuable customers are those that are regular, lifetime consumers, and it can start with something as little as a $3 coupon. And who isn’t looking for a free meal these days?


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  1. I love Kashi! I eat their bars all the time, yuuuum.

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