Brita’s blatant product placement

March 10, 2009

pitcher_vintage1While watching an episode of “The Biggest Loser Couples” a few weeks ago, I was taken aback by the blatant product placement and promotion of Brita filters. It came in a scene that was very obviously set up, and it was clear that none of the three involved had any training in acting. Essentially, it was a commercial in the middle of the program that was not actually bumpered on either side by a commercial.

Inspired to do a little research after such an obvious placement (exactly what they wanted!) I discovered that Brita has effectively set up a multi-faceted campaign that appeals to consumers in three ways: By being good for you, helping you to save money, and by being green.

Photo from FilterForGood Web site

The first aspect of the campaign is directly related to the weekly shots of the green bottles on “The Biggest Loser Couples.” The pitch is that in order to lose weight you need to be properly hydrated. Brita also claims that their pitchers are certified to reduce lead, thus also contributing to the claim of being good for you.

The second facet of the campaign gets into the money-saving aspect, which shows that the Brita filter is more cost-effective than buying bottles of water. Their claim is that one Brita pitcher filter can replace 300 16.9-ounce water bottles.

Of course, this naturally leads into the third piece which focuses on the fact that using a Brita filter can help reduce the number of plastic bottles in landfills.

Brita has effectively taken these three elements and put together a strong presence on the Internet by appealing to consumers to actively take part in their campaign. Beyond the regular Brita Web site there is a separate Web site at Filterforgood.com where people can take the pledge to reduce bottled water waste, get a coupon for a Brita filter and buy a FilterForGood bottle.


On the Filterforgood.com Web site there is a rolling timer that shows the estimated number of bottles that have been saved because of those who have already taken the pledge, and a map (searchable by zip code) that shows where, across the United States, the pledges have come from. You can also pass the pledge on to friends, learn how to recycle your old Brita filters, and help your organization FilterForGood. In short, there are a lot of interactive tools, tips, and facts to win over new consumers. Brita also makes it easy for others to spread their message (and marketing campaign) on to others.

Of course, they have a presence beyond the proprietary Web sites. One can also take the pledge from the Brita FilterForGood Facebook Web site where you can also see dozens of positive Brita reviews from fellow Facebook users.

I think Brita has put together the elements of a good, timely campaign to appeal to consumers today. In today’s economic climate almost everyone is concerned with saving money, most care to monitor what they are ingesting, and many have some degree of concern for the environment. Brita has neatly packaged these three elements together and across a variety of media. Their faux-enactment on TV is what got me to dig deeper into their campaign, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one. Once I started searching on the Internet I found they had a large, and informative presence in a number of places, which is exactly what many of today’s consumers are looking for.


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