How to not only survive, but thrive

March 7, 2009
Market Summary from Yahoo! Finance  

Market Summary from Yahoo! Finance

How low will it go? Just a week ago I was in Austria with the world version of CNN on TV.  The market closed dangerously close to 7,000.  I thought to myself, ‘I wonder if it will fall below 7?’  And how it has.  Now just above 6,500 I am wondering if it may really fall below 6.  

It’s not news to anyone that the economy is the worst it has been for anyone that was born after World War II.  Largely as a result, consumers are being ultra-selective about what they are spending their money on.  This means companies are having to find better (and cheaper) ways to market  to get consumers to purchase their products. 

I am on the lookout for both new and innovative methods of marketing in the digital era as well as the same old tried-and-true methods that successful companies are still using to attract and maintain customers.  I go through the print version of the Wall Street Journal almost every day as well as the major news Web sites (CNN, FOX News) and social networking (Facebook, Twitter), and will pull ideas from these sources in addition to any suggestions readers may have.


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